GPS Topo Questions

Anyone using the National Geographic Topo maps? If you are, have you found a way to copy your CD information to the hard drive so that you do not have to change CD's constantly?

What a pain this is.... :)

I have the Colorado set and don't like it very well. It was expensive too. My Garmin map stuff I like. Can't help ya with copying them to a hard drive.

Does anyone else out there have a Topo program you like??

goto my computer then click on the drive it is in if this starts the program then right click on hte drive its in then click explore then look around at waht you need then copy it and paste it :):D should work :D

get CloneCd and create virtual Cd drives.

You then can mount/unmount each CD rom disk image

I do this with the Calif topo maps (10 cd's)

Check this out.

web page for Topofusion

I've been using this for awhile now and each update has improved the program. The best part is the USGS topo maps are pulled for the Microsoft Terraserver as you need them. If you have a dial up internet connection be prepared for a wait to get the maps.

It's worth checking out.

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