Yz450f vortex cdi ignition to wr426 wiring looms

Hi i have a vortex cdi ignition for a yzf 450 and have got rid of the yzf so only have 2 wr 426's and want to fit the vortex to one of them.... the wiring looms arnt to much different i have a couple wires im not 100% sure on so am after either help from anyone that has done this or the wr426 wiring loom and the yzf450 loom.

Cheers in advance Dale

I would contact Vortex, tell them what you want to do. However, you can go to Yamahas web site and D/L wiring diagrams for the two bikes and it will tell you what wire does what. But I'd still contact Vortex as you may be better off selling what you have and locating a 426 specific one instead.

Hi william1 Yea i spoke to vortex yesterday and they said that people have done the simple idea and fitted a yz 450 loom but then i will lose the light set up, they also said that it will cost over £300 gbp for one for my bike, i would rather play with the electrics and see what i can find as electrics are my specialty. we shall see. thanks

Here is the basic deal. Your WR's have a CDI that run off DC. Your YZ, AC. The YZ CDI internally regulates and rectifies the power coming in. If you connect the CDI directly to the stator to get the AC, I'd be concerned about over voltage as the WR stator is much larger capacity. In this light, a converto to conver DC to AC might be a wiser move. However, it is a fair amout of effot to kluge a setup. Ever consider just selling your Vortex and buying someone elses to be a plug N play?

considering i am a pain and also do enjoy my electrics i did back down on doing as you say with buying one specific but cant find any on the net.... i have realised the unit does actually fit all my plugs apart from the obvious (lighting loom) the only one that didn't fit which i had to chop the plug off that the could plug and all connected lovely but then took it out for a test and.......... 30 mph massive massive..........failure lol either the maps are mega wrong or the stator feed is surging the cdi as the ac and dc currents must obviously be clashing....

Sadly, not the maps...... I would not be surprised to find that the CDI is now cooked.

Ahh well I'll have to test it on a yz and see.

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