YZ426 200 Question


Does the 426/400 hold oil behind the ignition cover or do I have an oil leak?

Also, does anyone know what the netural detector switch do on the 426?




Yes there is oil in the ignition cover, I can tell you, I seized my 99 400 after some contact riding MX, not good!

The switch on the 426 is giving signal to the ignition as to witch gear your in for different advance map.


Yes, there is oil behind the ignition cover.

As for the switch, don't know.

It looks like the gear selector wire connects to the wireing harness on the Carb.

Is this true? If so what do you think would be the results if I connected it up to a 99 400?

I was told that the throttle position sensor

does nothing on the 400. From the way things look It looks like a bolt-on affair?



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