2000 vs 2001 ignition


I've made some experimentation with ignition and I'm now running a 2000 box on my 2001, pull a bit better on top than the 2001.

Does anybody have tried it to confirm my finding?

I didn't have access to a dyno with my 2001 but my seat of the pant I'd guess that I was about 2 hp behind what I had with my 2000, I'm running the same ported head with OS valves and I went back to my last year pipe also, with the 2000 ignition it still is a bit slower than my 2000 but I'm getting closer.

I'm puzzled as to where I'm loosing that power, any guess to direct me, time is limited, I only have 2 races left to make up the point I need to defend my title...


I am one of those guys that had to swap CDIs to get my 01 to stop fouling plugs. The shop checked and told me that the 00 and 01 CDI box is the same part.

a friend of mine road raced for twenty years. he had a trade account with fowlers of bristol. why? coz he used to check the revcounters for accuracy & the rev limiters for which would go the highest. guess who got to keep the high running ignitions & guess what the customers got!


Hey-Mikeolichney I've been thinking of asking you about your CDI swap...I know initially you were pretty sure it fixed your plug fouler. So it sounds like you are convinced that it cured your problem. I finally got my coil that I thought was bad and it turned out to be OK. Operator error on measuring ohms. I learned to pull the plug cap off the end of the coil when measuring resistance. It makes a big difference on the reading. Oh well I plan on ordering the new CDI very soon.

The rev limiter comes in at 11 250 just the same with either boxes, it's the way that it climb up there that is different, I was told that they changed the curve to help starting and it look like there is some other changes in the overall mapping, the 2001 doesn't pull as hard from mid to top, I had a big track to test on and there was a significant difference with the 2000 box, last year I was pulling 15/48 gearing and hitting the rev limiter, sunday I wasn't pulling 15/49, it was some better after I switched back to the 2000 CDI but still slower than last year by a couple of mph on the radar; 96 mph compared to 98 last year, not fun when you run against big bore KX and CR 500 and 600 Rotax that will pull over 100 mph!


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