Proper Chair Tightness 09-450

Never noticed this before but when I went to tighten my chain last night with the axel blocks on the same mark, the bolts that allow for the ajustments are at differnet lengths. When I roll my wheel it seems to be out of allignment.

Suggestions or am i seeing things?

Tracy A. Gore

You need to count lines from the back of the blocks, not the front.

I've been tightening my chains for years the wrong way... It's sad that I didn't see that thread earlier. This probably explains why I was missing teeth on the front and rear of my old sprockets on my previous bike, also it probably explains the friggen snaggle tooth that was happening on each sprocket!

With my new bike it's at 2" maybe a little more and it looks loose, but it's perfect :ride:

Chair tightness? Is that some sort of rare model?? haha

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