Oil comsuption question

Hi again guys,

What kind of oil consumption does your BRP have? On my last two oil changes I have noticed after about 400 miles after oil change my oil level is down 3/8 of an inch on the dipstick. I made absolutely sure not to over fill my oil ever and always get right close to the last hash mark on the dipstick. I have no visible oil leaks, nothing in the air box and no vent tubes pinched. This is a brand new BRP with about 1600 miles on it now. I just wanted to check and see if this seems normal to some or if you guys think I may actually be developing a problem. This bike does get flogged from time to time and I thought that might be the problem. The last time I changed my oil I went for a fairly strenuous desert ride (67) miles and checked the oil and it was still topped off.

Thanks in advance.


Yep, that sound about right man, about 3/8" down the stick after 400 or so miles. Mine does the same thing. My BRP now has about 2400 miles on it, and I usually change the oil and filter every 300 to 500 miles, depending on the riding conditions. I honestly think it's normal for the bike to use a small amount of oil between changes, doesn't seem to be a problem.

L.L. :)

It does drink a little oil, but some of it may be blowing out the crankcase breather if you are de smogged. 3,400 miles on my little piggy. :)

That puts my mind at ease. Thanks for the reply's guys. Have a great Weekend.


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