4-Stroke Nationals review

The 4-stroke Nationals this weekend started off with a bang at SpeedWorld in Surprise Arizona. It was attended by over 4000 sun-baked spectators. :) With 41 riders lined up behind the gate, made for a day of some good racing.

Spud Walters, sponsored by White Brothers and Yamaha Motor Corporation took home the largest chunk of the $6,000 Pro Purse over Canadian KTM backed Jimmy LaMastus, who pulled both moto holeshots and looked really good whipping it over the jumps. The SpudMan biided his time in each moto and waited for the wild but flashy LaMastus to tire. Jimmy knows SpeedWorld quite well as Phx is his adopted home.

Providing a first ever three motorcycle manufacture podium placement was Factory Husaberg rider, Ryan Terlecki via 3-4 motos. I talked to Chuck Sun after the race and he seemed pleased to have his rider on the podium. Fourth on the day was Yamaha PowerHouse supported Nathan Woods.

I had a pretty good day myself and won the 1st moto going away in the 40Expert class pushing my ol bud and longtime nemesis Doug Goodman the whole way who was competing in the Master A class. It was great fun as I can’t ever recall beating this guy let alone hanging with him. Doug will jump just about anything and for a 40 guy, he can still haul the mail. I was screaming and yahooing at him the whole time showing him a wheel here and there.

It was cool to see him working much harder to stay ahead of me, as the new tires and 4-stroke power were working Flawless and I was gaining on him in the corners. Talked to him between motos and he said “Yea I was wondering who the hell was screaming at me, and yea I saw your front tire! LOL”

Then the guy who is in charge of move up’s (my fellow Motorolan Ed Zornes) came over and said, “good ride Gary congratulations you’ve just moved up to Master B!” Jeez I’ve only raced once with the AZOTers and they are already messing with me! I told Ed “yea but Expert just sounds better!” LOL Now I’m wondering what if I beat Doug, are they gonna move me up to Master A? All I know is I felt good as my bike was performing excellent and it’s BONE STOCK!! I know now I will not havta do a thing to this baby.

2nd moto and Doug holeshot again and was setting a real fast pace on the now cobby and rutted track. I observed the Pros in their race and knew I would have to use alternate lines in my next moto. On the 1st lap after a close call in some nasty ruts I decided to relax and check out the track before I wicked it up. On the 2nd lap I started to reel him in and knew where I was going to try and pass him. Sure enough it worked and he pushed me hard but I knew I had better lines then him. It’s cool when you pass someone and then they switch their lines and ride your race. So all in all it was a great day until I found out about Dale Earnhart.... :D

GodSpeed Dale

btw saw F-Pilot and Paul in Phx, and I'll let them tell their stories as my hand hurts!


Yup, some great racin', till Jimmy got tired. There's nothing like the sound of fourty thumpers leaving the gate!

G, you were flyin, especially on that POS :) 2nd moto track. I apparently don't know how to ride ruts cuz I was way back. I swear I was in first gear sometimes!

Didn't help that I was up spraypainting the toilet all nite but it's no excuse for how I rode.

Hey, Give me your thoughts on Dan's flaggers? Do you think little kids are compentent enough? There was a real bad crash after you left and some concern was raised about the flaggers and lack of ambulance. Not everyone needs to be helo'd out.

I am surprised that the AMA (and AMX) does not require more of it's promoters!

Also, I hear that Steve, #31 Exp, rang his bell really good but is doing ok.

Just keepin it near the top :D

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I was there as well - the program was not executed well at all. It's hard to blame the flaggers because it's the promoters responsibility to hire responsible people.

Agree on lack of medical experts trackside, he needs to address that issue. Two riders in the 125 novice class were seriously injured. Most of the information I have is second hand, so I don't want to assume anything.

Thx for the kudos Bob, yesterday was one of those days where everything clicked.

Bummer on your food poisioning, that will definately sap your strength.

Regarding kids as flaggers yea it's always been a problem in local racing it seems. The promotors would rather pay a kid 15 bucks and a hot dog then more competent ones. Actually they had more then usual and they did a pretty good job in our race I thought.

Glad to hear Steve is ok, that's a tricky step-up corner he bailed on and you havta make sure your lined up nice and straight for it. My bud Jimco (#727 amateur) said when he went by Steve was out cold laid out on his back arm's spread like he was getting a suntan. :D

Musta been two laps when we came by with the flags waving and I had Goodman breathing down my back, I was hoping "you better not pass me here Doug!" But him and I are ol friends and I know I can trust him. I was hoping to talk to him afterwards but never got the chance. :) How long did he stay after, did you talk to him at all?

"Not everyone needs to be helo'd out."

yea gotta agree with you they do seem to do a lot of that.

Don't know about the 125 novice race, I was still at the track but did not see the crash so I don't know. Yes they should have at least two sets of EMT's at the race's. Could not believe all the delays. I was glad I did not race a 2nd class and havta wait for all that bs. That's one great thing about racing AZOT as I'm drinking beer early!! :D


Hey G-Man, it's Paul in AZ brother, not Paul in PHX. Anyway, it was good to see you and glad to hear you got the W. I went 3-3 for third overall in the AZOT amateur class (new class for me after one race also). My new 250F was running pretty good but I messed with jetting on Saturday and it's still not right, stock jetting was better. I did manage second into the first turn in the first moto and got the holeshot in the second moto. What a neat feeling to come into that second turn without anyone in front of you! Need to get more seat time on the baby F because the guy on the CR250 and I think your buddy #727 on a 426F caught me later in the race when the fatigue set in. I hung with both of them in the second moto when I finally remember to breathe once in a while.

My son rode his first ever race, in the 80 beginners class. He was back in the pack but not last and he improved his second moto so that's a good thing. We were one race away from his second race when the 125 carnage happened - 1 hour delay. Then the next race finally started and someone got hurt in it for another 20-30 minute delay. He was race 7 of 14 and we didn't get home until 7:15pm. I took today off needless to say!!!

Had a good time and can't wait to race next weekend at Canyon and the following weekend at Speedworld. Hope to see you guys there again...

Paul in AZ

Sounds like all of you guys had fun & did well.We had a great time. My son took 2nd Overall in the 125 Intermediate class on his YZ250F behind Mike Blose on his YZ250F. The biggest bummer of the day was the huge crash during our 2nd moto. They put the Novices in w/the intermediates. 2 guys collided in mid air over that big tabletop.I heard it broke one guy's leg (Mike Bloses' brother) and caused another guy to injure his back or neck.The flagger & ambulance situation is ridiculus. The flagger @ that spot didn't even notice the downed riders until they had been landed on by 4 or 5 more riders. I'm sure the race brought in enough money to afford the luxury of an ambulance. All in all had lots of fun. FYI the guy that broke his back the previous Sunday was Sam Weinbach. He's a local Pro (YZ426)and a real nice guy. He's @ St. Joes Hospital in Phx. call & wish him well. He needs the support.

Guess the edit didn't work, want to keep this near the top for a day or two. Thanks for your opinions guys!

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