2005 WR450F rear tire size and rim


I am using Dunlop D756 tires 110/100-18 on my WR450. The recommended rim size is 2.15 for those

But now I would like to buy a Dunlop D606 rear tire 130/90-18 but I am not sure that it will fit on my rim because the recommended rim size is 3.00

I have seen many posts here about people fitting Dunlop D606 tires on their bikes, but could not find if they will actually feet on the stock rear rim of the WR450 18*2.15

Could you please advise me on this as my rim size is 2.15 and the D606 is recommended for a 3.00 rim?


It will fit but that is a wide tire and will probably hit your exhaust if you have the stock pipe.

Yes I still have the stock pipe.

From the Service Manual it says the following regarding rear tires:

a) 110/100-18 64M (USA, CDN, ZA)

:ride: 130/90-18 69R (EUROPE, AUS, NZ)

As you can see the D606 has the specifications b from above.

Do you think that it will still hit the stock pipe even though it is mentioned in the Service Manual?

Plus if you have a look at the Dunlop Website you have the following specs for the two tires:


Overall diameter - 688 mm/27.10"

Overall width - 132 mm/5.20"


Overall diameter - 696 mm/27.40"

Overall width - 134 mm/5.28"

As you can see from the above there is not much difference on the overall width of both tires, the only thing that differs a bit more is the diameter (D606 has more 8mm than D756) which is basically the height of the tire.

From all this info what do you think? What should I do as I urgently need to change the rear tire and the only tire that suits the best for the conditions where I ride is the D606 (the D756 wears too fast)?

Please anyone else also, need more opinions.


You answered your own question in the original post, lots of people have used the D606 and I can assure no one bought different rims for that tire. I ran a 606 once and I don't recall it rubbing or hitting anything, you'll be fine.

Thanks for the answers and for clarifying everything.

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