air compressor/ pressure washer combos

my friend has one but i forgot the name of it... any one have any suggestions :) thanks in advance :D

I don't know what exactly you're refering to, but I'd advise that you get a belt driven OILED compressor. They're much quieter than the oil free and the oiled direct drive unites. I have a cambel hausfield 26 gallon compressor and a small c.h. 1300 psi 1.5 gpm pressure washer. I like them both a lot. I think that the tiny pressure washer is less likely to push water past seals, but strips the dirt off much better than just a hose. The compressor was 369 and the washer was 89.

I just bought a 2000psi Briggs Stratton / Craftsman Power Washer for $230 on sale at Sears and I love it. I think it runs about 2 gallons of water per minute and has plenty of pressure. (Almost as good as a car wash)

The only thing I dont like is you have to run cold water through it to cool the pump. I wish they made one that would shoot out hot water. Hot water cleans so much better.

Oh well, its still a great washer...

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