1st wreck :)

Hey guys

i was riding durin the evening when i hit a freakin hole and did an endo. it as crazy but i am fine and suprisingly the bike is fine. the handle bars had rotated forward a little in the clamps and the forks were slightly tweaked but fixed all that already. only thing pisses me off is i broke the mount from the front number plate to the forks. anyone else break this yet? how much does a new front number plate cost? see ya'll


No idea how much on that but glad to hear you survived!

If all that happened to your bars was that they rotated a little bit, your very lucky.

My stock bars were pure JUNK. They were bent after my first wreck, which really wasn't even a bad getoff.

If you're talking about the headlight shroud, that's about 70 bucks. I've busted mine up so many times. I just use thin sheet aluminum and rivets to hold mine together. It's not pretty, but if I got a new one every time I crashed I'd have a garage full of busted up headlight shrouds.

I did the same thing and I cut the old tabs off and got some aluminum cut two peices about 3inches buy3/4 inch and bent them at a 90 degree angle at the front drilled holes in them and bolted them two the old holes but you half two drill new holes in the front of your number plate :)

Hey you don't have any pics of your number plate or some pics of someone who did it do ya? just like to see what it looks like. good idea

Wrecked the same and thought would like new but just got a strip of ally about one inch by 1/8 bent and shaped to match lugs with a vice took two minutes and stuck some heavy duty velcro and she's done matey it works a treat and saved myself a few quid and if you think its rubbuish you can get new this way it only pulls off with a hefty :tug :)

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