WR rims really soft???

I was putting on a new front tire on my 09 WR450F and notice 2 decent sized dents in my front rim. Wow. The bike only has ~100 miles on it and can't remember any OMG moments with smacking into stuff. And in many years of riding (20+) the is the first rim I've ever dented. Oh, and I bought the bike new, so not like someone else did this.

I had heard that not all Excel rims are the same ... that true? (Meaning they have different "models" of rims with different degrees of strength)

I really don't want to spend the bucks to put the same butter soft rim on there again! Any suggestions for a different rim?


True there are different grades but OEM rims are not soft. Rocks are just that hard. You could not bend a rim in 50 years, get a new bike and the first mile, dent a rim. It happens. It has happened to me.

Maybe your new bike rides so nice that you are faster and the suspension so plush you did not notice the impact....

Stronger rims are heavier. It is a balance between unspring weight and strength.

How severe are the dents? Have any pics? Unless they are really bad I wouldn't worry about it. I have half a dozen dents between my front and rear and I just installed the tubliss tire system and it is holding air fine. What problems are the dents causing that you want to get new rims?

I agree it could happen at any time, but I thought I would have noticed it. Like jumping into a rocky creek bed and getting some kind of hard jolt from a rock or something ... but nothing like that has happened. (Leading me to believe they are soft rims) Just seems putting 2 dents in a front rim should have been some memorable event!

On how bad the dents are, not hideous, bead is good, tire holds air, rim is true (except for the dent of course).

As for "why replace it?" ... I guess I just want my bike "right", and a bit worried that if the rim can dent twice without me noticing it, what's going to happen when I really smack into something?

LOL, I hear you!

No, I've found a lot of damage occurs without the actual incident ever being noticed. I do yard work and will come in the house with terrible cuts on my legs. I am totally unaware of when it happened.

I too, would much prefer to oval a rim doing a back flip insted of putting along a trail with friends, riding real slow behind them......

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