I have just been jerked around for the last week !!!

On monday feb12 I ordered the Hurricane Kit and a bunch of other stuff from them. cod

THey did not know the price because they had to order it from one industries and did not know the shipping cost....ok fine told me 5-6 days to get it to me .

no prob plenty of time for this wkends race.

called thurs to find total$

they did not have price cuz -one- piece was not there. NO PROB did not call fri

phones closed on sat

called today monday 19feb and they said nothing xxcept airbox decals were there.


no appologies or anything pretty much the "it is not our fault story"

they said one industries has it on backorder and failed to notify them. but when i called on thu they flat out lied to me!!!!!all but one piece my butt!!!

so i talked to the owner and said he would be glad to cancel the order.

Is this the way you guys would run a business? no discount period .

I immediately called one industries and they said they have the graphics in stock but no yellow rear fenders. this was 2 minutes after I talked to hyper and they claim they talked to one industries and were told they don't have the graphic and that is what was holding up the kit.

This is after i called hyper last monday and basically pieced the kit togeter myself and gave them all the part numbers so they did not have to do it.

I did all the work for them.






ride BLUE

Glad to hear about your experience. I'm looking to make an order soon worth about $500 and will scratch them off my list. I see they have a web site. I'm going to check it out and see if they have an email which I'll drop them a short note repeating what I've heard about them.

I've been dealing mostly with Westwood Int'l for the last year or so. Only once did they screw up an order and sent me the wrong rear tire size. They cheerfully sent me the correct one and paid shipping costs for the corrected shipment and the return. I always ask for Moe, who is very friendly and helpful. If you have a White Brothers catalog handy, he'll give you a discount per item as you quote the catalog price. Some of the discounts are substantial. I got a Shoei VFX-R for $289.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience, g4racing. I have been dealing with hipersports for a few years now and have not had a problem to date. Matter of fact, I just recieved springs and other goodies from them today. Again, I hope you can get your problems with them worked out. Good luck, Mark

I own a shop. Floors me the stories I hear about mail order. Still people continue to

support co's that crap on them . Find a local

dealer who WANTS your business and is wiling to prove it by ordering the parts for a reasonable price and on time. I have guys who buy crap elsewhere coming to me and asking me how to put it on , tune it, make it work. Wastes my time and I don't make anything off of their purchase. Either support with REASONABLE profit a dealer close to you ..or the next time you need a tube, don't bitch about having to drive or wait a couple of days for it from MOndo bestsuper deal parts of Jamaica.

I went through a similar situation with them. I found Is fairly easy too deal with. Have availabilty right their on the screen so there is no games.

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I agree with Big Mike. I have a local shop that is just as cheap as anyone on the web. They also are one of my sponsors for the racing I do. They are like family and I recommend them to anyone. I can relate there G4Racing. I had ordered the Pivot Works Swingarm and suspension bearing kits from them off the web. I requested two day mail as I had a race that weekend. After two days past the delivery date(total four days) I called them to check the status of the order. It was then that I found out they were back-order which I didn't mind but was a little upset that they didn't even bother to tell me(via email or phone call this information). I cancelled the order and went to that shop and they ordered them next day for me and got me racing again. Since then I have been a regular.


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Hey biGmikE,

I'm sure most of us would be more than happy to support our local shops. I know I WOULD. My experience with the LOCAL Yamaha dealer has been LESS THAN STELLAR. It seems like no matter WHAT I needed for my 426, they didn't have it in stock. I can understand that under SOME situations. Most of the time though, the guy behind the counter would tell me "Sorry Dude, we don't have that bolt in stock because the owner used them all on his bikes". &%$#@!! I don't know anything about running a shop, but I have enough common sense to know when to order spares. We had the same problem here with one of the local bicycle shops. They never had anything you needed, and didn't really seem to think it was a problem for the customer to wait a week or 10 days. BS! The good shops don't do business that way. They may not be able to carry everything you need, but they sure as hell can get it to you in 2 to 3 days in most cases.

So what am I ranting about? I guess maybe it's the TONE of you're response to the above post. If YOU shop owners want to compete with mail order, not only are YOU going to need to be able to get OUR parts to us in a REASONABLE amount of time and at a FAIR price, but you will also need to provide some value added SERVICE. I don't mind paying a couple extra bucks to support my local dealer, but I'd rather sweat, cuss, yell and curse some more while I change my own tire than pay some smart ass $5 to have it done "whenever".

Everything that I've ordered from the local Yamaha shop took a minimum of 3 weeks and most took 6 weeks. Let's see: Roll-Offs, 6 six weeks; IMS Tank, 6 Weeks; White-Bros. E-Series, 2 months. Need I say more? If YOU are having a problem with YOUR suppliers, then it's time to find another supplier.

If I need a part ASAP then I go to Simi Valley Cycles. Not only do they carry a lot of stuff on hand, but they also provide EXCELLENT service. It's a shame that I have to drive an HOUR and a HALF to buy a damn part when there are 3 shops in the LOCAL area.

So now that I've got that off my chest biGMikE, I wonder how familiar my experiences are to the rest of the folks on Thumpertalk. How 'bout it guys? Am I way off in left field here or what? Gimme a minute while I go take a PROZAC…

Peace out baby!



Understand your complaint. The way you have

described the services you recieved is not the way I do business. I am a small independent shop. I order daily, I do the service work change the tires, build the motors, clean the the bills.

As far as mail order...if you have the correct part number to give them most can deliver the parts at a cheaper price. But then they are usually in an area that their

costs are cheaper and they don't charge sales tax. Taxes well state dictates I charge

them or I can't operate. The tone of my post

is set by the customers that come into my shop ...waste my time looking up and explaining to them the pro's and con's of product and then they order from mail order to save money. I have ridden for 30+ years

and have been on both sides of the counter.

When someone tells me " Hey dude can you sell it to me for the same price that MEGA MOTO

does and they are cutting profit to 5% I tell them buy it from MEGA. I don't have time to make 5% on parts and sit their and explain to someone how it works and even show them how to install it since they won't pay someone qualified to install it. Now before you jump on the qualified bit there are qualified people in the business. You find a crappy quit using him. Same with the dealers....bad service....don't support them.

I ride with my customers , I wrench on their bikes when they crap at the track. I even try to stomach the ones who pick my brain for their mail order purchases. But the bottom line is...either you support a shop that TREATS you RIGHT or you won't have a place to buy parts. Service is the name of the game in this business. But what mandates , drives the whole machine is you have to make a profit or you go out of business. Concerning having everything in stock, well come talk to me at

tax time when I pay income, school, county, and all the other BS taxes that take a bite out of profit and boost part prices. You see

everyone should own a business and see how it works dealing with the public. Its a trip. Been running my shop successfully for 7 years because of one thing. I live, breathe,

eat motorcycles....they are my passion. My customers know this and that is why they come to my shop to buy parts and allow me to wrench on their bikes. Every time I see a complaint about someone getting boned by mail order I chuckle. Where you buy your parts is

your business. I support 100% at the track ,

anytime my doors are open(which is usually till 9 at night), my customers. I don't have a big corporate budget to blow, a big ad campaign. What drives my business is ME and the way I treat customers. Finally if you bring me a tire to change I fix it on the spot. Its good money. Hell most of the time when a guy brings me a tire to change and its from MEGA MOTO mail order, he has paid more than what I could sell it to him. He just thinks by buying it from the magazine places and getting boned for shipping that he's making out. Had a guy recently mailorder tires. Was set to go on a 2500mi. trip. Got the back tire buit didn't get the front...

backordered and he didn't find out till last min. Again Support the shop that treats you fairly, and when they try to make REASONABLE

profit don't dick them down.....

hehe Smokin.....

Hi-per Sports so far has done ok by me. I did notice that they have let thier site go a little and seem to be promoting there retail shop more.

My favorite mail order place is Dr. Dirt in Az. This man spent a hour on the phone with talking about all kinds of stuff. I suspect he is too busy to do that now.

I far as supporting my local shops. Well I purchased my 2001 YZ426F for $6298 out the door from my local shop. I know I could have gotten it cheeper outside the state.

But, I wanted it now and they did a great job servicing it for me. They also filled it with gas and a get a title for it.

Bottom line, find a mail you like so you can get the stuff you can wait for cheep and find a local shop you like so you can get raped for the stuff you need now. I always try to have a good BS session at the shop. At least I feel I am getting something for my extra dollar.



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

I am just a little ol consumer, don't mind if my opinion counts as I am just a guy who spends money..

Anyway, I would much rather buy locally but I find that most dealers I have dealt with charge RETAIL for parts and accesories. I understand making a profit but no one CHARGES RETAIL anymore... I mean come on, suggested retail is a joke!! This is an expensive hobby but people do not need to get raped for it... $50 to $60 an hour for labor on top of full retail pricing has forced me to find wholesalers and learn how to do service my self. Not to mention when a shop tells you that you require bogus repairs.. thats another story...

Again I am just an average customer who does not like to pay full retail - If I do I expect red carpet service not just good service.. I can get good or ok service anywhere with a better price..

I think of myself as an expert on the subject...

I'm in sales (different industry), I own 5 motorcycles, I spend ALOT of money...

My theory has always been;

Just because I have the money doesn't mean I'm willing to give it away! Like I said I've become an expert on finding the best price.

My theory on dealers is this;

If I'm gonna pay full retail I better get great service, hell incredible service! If not I go someplace else... :)


JJ from WA - 99 WR; WR timed, EKN Needle, Scotts stabalizer, Scotts triple clamps, Pro-Tapers, Michelin S-12's, Terry Cable hot start, MSR Raptor clutch lever, Moose skid plate, Works frame guards, Acerbis Pro Rally guards, Renthal MD-soft grips, Factory Effex graphics, YZ IMS seat base, YZ Factory Effex seat foam and gripper seat cover, YZ rear fender

Hehe you know what else is funny....the guy that brings a mail order tire in and expects you to jump right on it have a guy there that just bought a tire from you for about the same price as Joe Mailorder. Who do

you think is getting their tire on first and who do you think is paying less for tire install. You guessed it. Guy that buys from me. As far as 5 whole bucks for me to stop dead in my tracks and change your tire from

MegaMoto using my $3300 euro tire machine

that if I put a scratch in your excel rim you will take me to Judge judy....PPPPPPPPleassssssssse. hehe

I charge $15 to change a tire and its worth it. Ask all the screwdriver tire changing pinching dudes that come into my shop. Whole busiess cracks me up....thats why I am in it...I am sick on bikes...hehe


If only you would’ve asked me first, my story about Hi-Per would have scared you away and saved you the trouble. I struggled with them for over a month, finally canceling an order which they later charged to my MC anyway. I just disputed the charge through the credit co., forget about getting Hi-Per to do ANYTHING they say they are going to. Total management/phone-operator/customer disconnect IMO.

That was over a year ago and I’m still ticked off.


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I have a real world example from one hour ago. I send the wife to get me some fork oil. The shops out but tell her they will have it tomarrow. She ask's about the bolt the came out of my radiator shroud. They don't have a new one but the parts guy finds a bolt and gives it to my wife no charge.

I am pleased they just gave me a bolt. So I ask about handle bars. They have some renthals that I wanted to try. I ask price $90. I check hi-per while wife is on the phone $80. I now have some new handlebars.

Houston Yamaha treated me right and I will buy from them. Even if it is a little more. But, not if it is a lot more!



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

It always amazes me how instead of dealing with the facts purtaining to a particular subject . People resort to personal attacks. Read your own post and see where the attitude really is. You know nothing about my shop or its dealings. Personally you know zippo about me. As I told you in a previous post..." ,here you buy your parts is your business". Thankfully its not at my shop.

You know one final note. Just because I run and own a shop , doesn't mean I have to kiss a customers ass. What it all boils down to is buy what you want where you want but don't expect everything for free. I pay for whats in my shop, I work for it, the money I spend on tools is mine earned. Nobody gives it to me for free. I don't have to take any crap from anyone because my shop is my house. Is

that your ass Brother. But I

built it and I decide who I deal with. Nobody is paying the bills for me. I am a one man gang. When I prosper I prosper goood. When things turn brown....I stand behind it. I know alot in the business like me. YOU don't know jack about it and if you are looking for someone to sanctify your opinion...ain't happening BROTHER.

I worked at a shop for 1 year and the places that most shops order from is


I can say from experience that they can be a pain They don't have what you need half the time and then they jerk you around about when they will get it in.

Another thing is that some parts placesthat shops have to buy from are actually higher than mail order places. FOR instance tires I could and did order dunlop tires from Rocky mountian because they were cheaper than dealer cost from PARTS UNLIMITED. .

SO the bottom line is shops are higher because the people they buy from is higher, and places like chapparel and rocky mountian will not sell to dealers.

MY question is this if anyone is reading this and works for PARTS UNLIMITED Why can't you get parts as cheap as the mail order people. Because you know they are making money more than just $5 on a tire.(example)


I deal with a local independent dealer here as much as I can. He is NOT a Yamaha dealer, just a shop who can order parts, and he is usually nearly as cheap as mail order. The one thing he does that makes it worth the longer wait and slightly higher price is give me the benefit of all his years of experience. It's hard to put a price tag on that. I do order some parts that he can't get but if he can, he gets my cash...

Interesting stuff for sure.. I am sorry to have read all this stuff and to see your post bigmike. I know you got blasted for something you had nothing to do with but to say you don't care about service or your customers can not be true. I work in Customer Service for a very large company (about 15 billion a year large)that is known world wide as a leader in service - Why ?? Because that is what it's all about, not price, not selection but SERVICE if you don't have it I recommend you research what it is and get it..

Here is what my local yam dealer did for me..

I bought a used 98 YZ400, the valves were pretty loud so I took it in and asked for a valve job... They called back said the valves were spec but the knock was coming from a bad connecting rod, so I trusted and said replace. Well over the next week, they called said oh yea you need a piston, ok, called again we need to rebuild your crank, well ok and then oh yea a timing chain too.. oh ok I trust you guys.. Well after 2 months of waiting and $1200 they finish my ride. Well I pick it up and it still makes the same knock it did when I took it in.. The head mech said oh 4-strokes are just loud like that.. again I trusted him but yet knew better in the back of my mind.. Well I rode it melow for about 3 hours for a little breakin even thought the mech said I didnt need to. Then I changed the oil, filter, plug and flushed the radiator in prep for my first hare-scramble (oh yea this is my first off road bike- riden street for about 12 years) any way rode in the hare scramble for about 30 or 40 min. taking turns with my partner as it was a team event... I rode like a girl.. hey I am a rookie.. Well had fun though.. took the bike home again dumped the oil, cleaned the filter and got it ready to ride again. I was at my local track riding for about 20min when it just died. When I tried to start it no compression a valve was stuck open.. So a bit angry I took it straight back the shop where I was greated like a criminal... They said we will just have to tear it appart and find out..

Well they called me about 4 days later and said that "I" bent a valve. "I" did I replied, how did I do that.. Must have been over reving they said.. I said but what about the rev-limiter and they said oh your bike does not have one... thats when I said I will be right there as I knew I was being taken for a ride.. Went to the shop and it did infact have a bent valve.. I said so my bike does not have a rev limiter and he said yep and I said I thought that was part of the CDI and he back peddled like a big dog... I still had to pay for the valve replacement and labor but what do you know they replaced that valve and it was as quiet as could be when I got it back not like the first time.. Well if I would have gotten the valve job I asked for instead of being raped I would not be sharing this story. Best yet I looked at the receipts for all the parts and compared them to the retail prices I downloaded from HMLS online and sure enough I paid full #@~$ retail for them. I have not and will not ever go to that shop again. Its the only yam shop in town and I will give up riding before I go back!

Good luck staying alive and in business if you defraud your customers or can not provide quaility serivce. The rule this coutry was founded upon was "ALWAYS LOOK OVER YOUR SHOULDER, AS THERE WILL ALWAY'S BE SOMEONE WHO CAN DO IT BETTER AND CHEAPER THAT WILL PUT YOU OUT OF BUSINESS"

Whew, said my peace..

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