Man, I think BigMike hit a nerve. This has to be the longest post I've read.

Hey BigMike,

I'm with you. I'm a business owner also. I have no employees, sometimes my wife helps out, but mostly it's all on my shoulders. It seems like anymore all customers want is more and more for nothing. Hey I'm trying to make a living but people think I'm rolling in cash when nothing could be farther from the truth. There are months when I make nothing. I think Overthebars is a good candidate for smoking a LOT of weed. Mellow out dude!!!!

Bottom line is I support my customers. I ride with many of them. I don't expect them to kiss my ass as I shouldn't be expected to kiss theirs. I respect them and deal with them fairly. If one comes in and wants something for free or below what it costs me I tell them I can't do it. Point blank I can't afford to lose money on anything. Its business. I was there at my shop till 9:30

tonight finishing up a bike for a guy so he

could ride tomorrow. Everything over thebars is saying about his perception of me is not fact. He wants it all for free, wants people to go out of their way to support him and not be compensated FAIRLY. Not happening in my shop. Fair price, Quality work, Respect for my customers. I support fully those who support me. Those who purchase mail order and buy is their right...but it is my right to decline to give them the same support as those who deal with me and my shop. Its like the kwik lube baby...19.95

gets you the basic oil change....31.95 gets your windows and carpet cleaned. Basic business principles. You get what you pay for.

BigMike, I'm with you as a consumer and a business owner. As a consumer, certainly someone may get a cheaper price from some mailorder joint who doesn't have to support or back up their transaction like a local dealer would. Just package it, send it, and adios customer. I don't know d**k about bikes so when I even want a new chain or new bars I will load my bike in the trailer, haul it to the shop, let them put the stuff on, and gladly pay accordingly. For the guys who can buy it mailorder and do it themselves, more power to them. But the service you need to provide is a different sort and consumers like myself are happier for it. Surely when I go to an expensive restaurant I could walk in with a canned Coke in my pocket that I bought at the convenience store for 50 cents rather than pay 2 bucks for it in the restaurant, but that is not why I went to the restaurant. I will pay my 2 bucks for my Coke, let the waitress serve it to me, and let her refill it when it gets low. A service has been provided for a fee. Get the point? As a business owner of a different sort, it works the same way. I am a dentist. New fee-for- service insurance plans want me to cut my fee by 40%. If my overhead is already 60%, how could I earn a living doing this. How does the dentist down the street survive on this type of plan? Easy. He sees 35 patients a day and runs an assembly line, taking 5 minutes for a procedure that should take 20 minutes. Reduced fee, but not the same service. You get what you pay for.

Hey biGmikE,

For being such a customer oriented shop owner, you sure do have a biG attitude. The $5 tire change was just an example guY. More to the point, if you can't at least stock the standard nuts and bolts that most bikes use, then what good are you? PLEASE! No one is asking you to stock every single item that Chaparral has in their store. Would it be too much to ask to keep track of your inventory so you can order the "bolts" and have them in before you completely run out. I run into this every single stinkin' time at my local Yamaha dealer. It's like, why even bother calling and asking them if they have the part I need for the dirt bike that I bought in their shop, because I know they're not going to have it and if I have them order it, it's going to be 7 to 10 days or longer. BS! You shop owners need to come to grips with reality Bro. If you can't provide a reasonable service, we're gonna go somewhere else. AND you know what? I may not know how to put the whatchamacallit part on, but I'm sure someone's gonna tell me how to do it here on THUMPERTALK if I ask for help.

You're pissass attitude is all too typical. Or maybe I'm just too cynical.... Time for another PROZAC.

You say that you live, breath, eat and sleep bikes. Well biGmikE, first impressions are lasting impressions my friend. I hope you treat you're customers better than the way you've spouted off in this forum. I assume that as such a successful businessman such as yourself, you know the WORD gets around my friend. Riders come to YOUR shop because A. you're the only shop around, B. You have developed a good customer base built on trust and great service which in it’s self is free publicity, or C. You're the only Game in town... Dinosaurs like you biGmikE need to wake up and smell the coffee. With the stroke of a key, I can have just about any part I need on my doorstep in 2 days. I've ordered over $100,00 worth of computer parts over the Internet for Uncle Sam. I learned to shop around to save taxpayers like you biGmikE, every little nickel that I could. Why? Because in my 20 years in the AF, I was never in it for me. I was serving my country, serving YOU biGmikE, and saving YOU a nickel was the right thing to do.

Crap! I'm getting off the trail here... Dude, where are you located? I'm surely tempted to visit your place of business and see what you are all about. Maybe you’re a legend in your own mind, but my intuition tells me you're just another Richard Cranium that's whining because you're losing business to the mail order companies. Give me a break pal. I know what you're freaking mark up is on parts. Believe it or not biGmikE, we RIDERS are educating ourselves and becoming smarter shoppers. Sure, there are times when I may need something ASAP and I know I'm gonna pay more at "biGmikE's ScrewUCycles", but if you happen to have the particular part I need in stock, then I may be willing to take it in the @ss so I can go riding right NOW. Normally my fellow dirt duster, I know what I need ahead of time and I'm damn sure as well gonna shop around and try to save a buck. 'Scuse us if we lowly customers of biGmikE's try to make ends meet while be pay biGmikE $$$'s for our habit.

Damn, the Prozac's not workin'. What say you biGmikE? Just what do you expect us to do? Most of us have spent a considerable amount of money, an investment, in this habit of ours. Ain't it a damn shame that I just dropped 6K on a bike that supposedly is race ready, yet has crap for bars, a crap chain, and crap sprockets? So now a few months after I’ve spent this significant amount of my hard earned retirement check (yes, thank you biGmikE), I have to convince my wife that I really do need to go buy the $117 520 O-ring chain, $80 to replace the sprockets, and oh ya I crashed and bent the cheap ass bars too so I need those too. Can you imagine this? Hey honey, I need a new set of bars, and I found the Pro-Tapers with the upper Triple Clamps on the internet for $189. But biGmikE down at ScrewUCycles is selling them for $260 and since I'm such a sucker, I'm gonna go help biGmikE make his mortgage payment. Right!

Shops with you're attitude will probably get by because no matter how bad you're service is, or how expensive your parts and labor are, there's always going to be someone

who’s either hard up and needs the part so they can go ride or doesn't know any better and ends up paying 27% more at biGmikE's ScrewUCycles because, well just because.

I do not own my own business biGmikE. I've been thinking about it. I think there's a market for a service I'd like to provide. I haven't taken any business courses (the wife has). I don't know the first thing about taxes, I don’t know squat. So what brother. If I want to successfully provide a service to my CUSTOMERS, and develop a loyal CUSTOMER base, then I'm going to go out of my way to make sure that my CUSTOMERS walk away feeling like they got a good deal or provided with a service at a reasonable cost.

Dude, I just bought a new truck last night. I paid dealers cost and got $500 cash back on a sweet F-150. I know they made money on the deal, but they went out of their way to make sure that I walked away feeling like I made a smart purchase too. In case you're not followin' me biGmikE, I’m typin’ this real slow ‘cause I know you can’t read too fast. Let me ‘splain it to you a little more clearly. We, the dirt bike owners, your customers, are not asking you to lose money on the deal. We know you gotta eat too biGmikE, that’s why they call you biGmikE, right? Everybody needs to make a buck, you seem to think you need to make 3. Times have changed since you first started 7 years ago biGmikE, and it seems like you ain't chaingin' with the times. Can U hear that biGmikE? That sound U hear is the sound of money that could be going in your pocket, but isn't because you're not either willing or able to compete. What did that dude in The Matrix say, "It's the sound of inevitability". You probably don't get that though do U biG guY?

Since I've already wasted way too much of my time responding to a guY who just doesn't get it, let me share a little story with you biGmikE. One day, I happened to take the cover off the side of my carb, and lo and behold one of the cables only had two threads left on it. Mind you, my first Desert race was in 2 days. Called the only local shop that I know works hard for my money, but the race is in 2 days and they might be able to get it in 2 days. Well biGmikE, in case you've run out of fingers and toes, that's not enough time for me to get the part and put it on.

Maybe it's my bad for waiting until the last minute to discover that the $39 high tech whatchamacallitcable is about ready to let go, or, mayabe $hit happens and I'm just plain lucky I didn't find out the hard way out in the middle of the desert. Well as i said, my local shop, Nationwide, who happens to provide excellent service but really doesn't carry much of anything I need. I still have to give them props tho. So back on track biGmikE, I KNOW better, but I go by the local Yamaha dealer and sure enough. Nope, we don't have that throttle cable in stock, but we can order it for you and it will be here next week. No thanks bro. The next morning I get up O'dark early, and head down to Simi Valley Cycles. Now these guys run a pretty good shop. I don't have time to waste, other than the 3 hour drive, so I'm out the door. I get there before they open, this is on a Saturday biGmikE, and my first race of the season is TOMORROW.

The Sales Manger opens up early and invited me in. He doesn't know where any parts are in the back, but he'd be glad to help me. I told him what I needed and off he went to look for my throttle cable. Well biGmikE, the Sales Manager comes back and says "sorry bro, we don't have that cable in stock, but I can order it for you!" I replied, "Well my brother, than just won't cut the mustard 'cause I need it ASAP for my first big Desert Race". He immediately picked up the phone and began calling other dealers. About that time in walks the parts manager. He asked me what I needed, walks back into the parts lair, and returns with 1 YZ426 throttle cable. I guess the Sales Manager didn't know where to look. COOL! I'm racin' tomorrow man. So this poor guy hears my story biGmikE, much like you are now. Hey, since I'm here I might as well get some Acerbis Hand Guards 'cause dangit, I keep fallin' over and breakin' me clutch lever and tearing up my grips and my local guy, biGmikE, thinks I should happily pay 27% more at his hole in the wall 'cause he's cool and hangs out a the races.

Well biGmikE, the Parts Manager must have felt sorry for me, because he gave me a 10% discount. Hey, I'm racin' tomorrow honey, and sorry that I spent $75 on more useless dirt bike crap, but I got a good deal and as usual got excellent service after driving 180 miles for a throttle cable. Actually, I had bought the cable earlier at Nationwide, but much to my surprise, it was the wrong cable that was in the right package. Must have been for the 400... Anyway biGmikE, see, I'm a returning customer to Simi Valley Cycles. They've treated me well, and I don't get that "I've just been screwed feeling'" while I'm driving back to the des.

I know I’m being a dick, that’s why I need PROZAC bro. I guess you're comments just set my ass on fire, and I know I will probably get flamed for this. It’s nothing personal my brother, you see, I've dealt with shop owners with your EXACT attitude all to often. AND guess what? They don't get any of my hard earned coin because I don't have to put up with that kind of crap. I’ve found someone who’ll sell that “whatchamacallit” for 27% less than biGmikE’s ScrewUCycles.

I support my local shops as much as I can, but all five of them are outrageously priced. If I didn't have the big discount I get, I would never buy from any of them. Tires are 80 to 90 bucks, which their cost is 40 to 45 bucks. Mail order the tire is 55 bucks. You ask for brakes for a kdx and they have to order them. Why? I guess they think kdx brakes are a hard sell!! That is why most people buy on line. I can look at the part in a catalog and order it whenever I want. It comes to my door and I don't have to keep calling or visiting the dealer to check on the part. There is a huge markup on parts and the availability of parts in a dealership is usually limited. I believe mailorder competition has been keeping some dealers honest and the prices relatively fair. When I get a price from my parts guy, I will show them a mailorder mag and see if they can match it. If they can't come close, I will mailorder it. I make sure I let them know that they are losing business by overpricing everything. And a shop rate of 50 to 58 bucks an hour. C'mon. If I need shop services that I can't do, then I talk to one of the mechanics and they will usually do it as a side job for 25 bucks an hour. Some people will pay any price for their hobby, but I am not a sucker. I do value good service and tech support, but most dealers don't provide this either.

Several good points made. Concerning huge mark up....not the case. I can site you specific examples and I will let you pick the type article. Most parts past $30-$40 will yield 30-40% above that margin is even less.

Now customer will say 30-40 thats alot. HeHe

not after you pay for the lights. I am thinking about starting a program at my shop of matching all magazine ads. Has to be cash up front, no credit cards....(1.6% +.20 trans fee Cuts my profit). Do you think anyone would take me up on it? I order parts for guys in my shop without payment all the time.

Phone call and I order. You see alot of the parts through mail order you pay shipping. Order the wrong part you get restock and return shipping cost. If you are good and lucky yeah you get it cheaper. How about You place an order and find out day before race while waiting for UPs that part was backordered. I let you know while you are at

my counter because any part that is anywhere near going to be critical in delievery for a

rider I call while he is there. Thats brings up aniother topic. Unless you are in the business or have been in the past you don't know all the in's and out's of purchaseing of bike parts from a distributer. This is my business I know it well I know the profit necessary to keep the lights on and support

my shop. Is it exorbitant...well maybe for the BIG shops but I am a ONE MAN Gang.

Guy comes in yesterday, never seen him before. Has a 98 rm 125 cylinder. Wants me to look at it and tell him if its ok to just

replace piston. Look at cylinder and check it out. Tell him plateing is perfect just touch hone and clean power valve replace parts and go. I ask him do you need a piston. He says

Well I ordered it from MEGA MOTO. I ask him

how much did they charge you? He tells me and its $6 +shipping more than I charge. I tell him next time give me a chance and that way

when you need advice like I gave you for FREE

it will be worth my while. He left thew cyl for me to hone, clean power valve, clean gasket surfaces. So I made a little . POINT

is GIVE a shop a chance to perform. If they bone you ...drop them and go elsewhere. SUPPORT THOSE THAT SUPPORT YOU FAIRLY.

BigMike you are not the bad guy here its the nature of most shops and the type of market.

As for your last post with your idea of matching prices - GREAT IDEA!!! I would buy from no one else!!

The company I work for is sells the same merch as many discount chains however we sell it for ALOT more. How we do it is by providing the best service, we put a 1 year satisfaction garuntee on everything, we deliver for free/pick up for free we deliver your supplies same day or next day.. so yes the customer pays a little or a lot more but gets service way beyond anyone else..

Anyway as for your idea, price matching mail order is fantastic, I would suggest that you don't make it cash only but rather factor in a fixed % of 5% to cover the shipping charges they other guys have to pay. They other thing is keep in mind in most mail order they don't have to pay tax either so matching it dollar for dollar will be tough.

The simple fact you will be willing to work with your customers demonstrates to them a commitment to earn and keep their business and thats what its all about. however you do it, just trying to meet your customers somewhere in between will be a great thing!

Go for it!!

Tom N.


In retrospect, I should have never submitted that reply. I guess I was totally out of line. Sorry guy.

I always give the local shops first shot at my business. If they don't have what I need and I can't wait, or if the particular item is so overpriced then hey bro, I'm a smart shopper and I'll go elsewhere.

Anyway, I'm not really sure what the heck got into me and apologize to all for being such a dick.



Don't sweat it big deal. Have had days where I would have reacted the same way.

Originally posted by overthebars_again:


In retrospect, I should have never submitted that reply. I guess I was totally out of line. Sorry guy.

I always give the local shops first shot at my business. If they don't have what I need and I can't wait, or if the particular item is so overpriced then hey bro, I'm a smart shopper and I'll go elsewhere.

Anyway, I'm not really sure what the heck got into me and apologize to all for being such a dick.



Hoooo doggy! That's a lot of load off a lot of people's chests!

Good thing it' all words of opinion. In some places issues aren't solved by airing them in intelligent discussion. I've learned from it, and I wasn't even there!

Now just to get my pulse back down ... Aaaahhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm... Aaaaaahhhhmmmmmmmmm (the Zen thing, at least in spirit) ....

I think cash up front is a great idea. It keeps everyone honest. I always pay up front, so I don't have to worry about the money later. Being a one man shop is different from the big dealerships. Around us, there is a huge markup. At least 30 % and up to and beyond 100 to 200%. I didn't believe it either until I had a friend of mine in the shop buy at Yamaha stuff at dealer cost. It was frightening. I think a set markup is also a great idea. That way you as a dealer know what to expect and the customer does also. I don't mind paying more for something, but there is a limit. Most dealerships personnel are not certified mechanics or parts guys. Many of them are just regular guys who work for the dealer. They don't know the nomenclature and often order the wrong parts. I am no parts whiz, but I seem to know the names and descriptions of parts much better than most of the parts guys I deal with. I always look at the microfiche and point to what I want. I have been burned to many times before.


been on a little road trip down south for my first dez race of the year

My comp goes belly up and I come back to this.

Did not mean to start sh** amongst everyone.

Just very frustrated with

and wanted everyone to see this particular incident b4 anyone else ends up in the same situation as me.......HYPER-SPORTS

COLORADO SPRINGS dont buy from them

I went to my local dler and they had it to me in 2days but ONE INDUSTRIES failed to fill the entire order!

nothing like salt in the wound!!!!!!

My friend lent me a black fender for the hurricane kit and it is "TIGHT"

Anyway cudos to my local dealer.


this was during the honda sale of late in which they sold 150+ units in 6 days and they still managed to make time for ME

I just thought I would try mail order again and made a big mistake.............I have had such bad luck w/local dlrs in the past year that i just got sick of the attitudes that they dealt out. belittling bas#*%s!!

that was my only prob w/ locals.......and the 40-50% mark up........ My friend in SEAttle told story after story about screwing the dumass that PAID for the $60 fork gaurds..........

now I have found a local that sincerely cares about "helping" the customer instead of th all mighty $$$$$$$$$$

Looks like im gunna have to chang my signature



ride BLUE

Oh yeah almost forgot...............

the order was for about $350-400 and it was know what that means.....


They never bothered to call me to tell me that these things were on backorder.

not one phone call........


I myself managed to track down the # to ONE INDUSTRIES and asked what the skinny was....

why couldn't they have done the same....?

after all i AM the customer that puts the bread on the ttable for these ppl!!!!!!!


ride BLUE I said support those that support you. If someone treats you right give them your business. If they don't ...boycott them.

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