Help with a new bike - 250F or 450?

I love my '01 WR426. However, I'm itching to move to something a little different. I used to ride mostly trails, so the WR was perfect. Now, my kids are racing MX more and more. This means I'm spending more time riding tracks, and I'm having a blast. Question is: Do I move to YZ? If so, would I be happy with a 250F? I'm not the fastest guy out there, and I've heard a lot of really good things about 250F, but I don't want to be frustrated with the lack of power. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


get a yz450f it is crazy fast... a little blip of the throttle will catapult you over any double tripple or table top even a 120 footer (just be ready for a rough landing if you dont have new springs) and its fun to flick around and bust some supermotard sweepers on those high speed corners with the front brake :):D lots of fun on the track

the only thing w/ the 250F is be prepared to lose your botttom end torque.

That is NOT bad. I use to ride a YZ465 (1980) and had a blast riding my friends 125's. Though, being a lugger, I ALWAYS short shifted my bike >> I would have trouble racing a 125.

If you can get a chance to try one, do it.

I have NEVER had any problem giving someone elses bike a shot. I have always reassured (the owner) I will not abuse his bike in any way. Of course, he always wanted to try my bike as well, which was fine.

I would venture to say you would be ecstatic over the BIG drop in weight going to a 250F.

For MX and trails I would have to say to get a 250f. As of now I only ride mine on trails because the track here isn't open and it works great on them. I've been riding it stock for a few months with no problems. I had to clutch quite a bit in some of the really tight stuff so I just put a 50t on last ride and it works a lot better now.

Before this bike I had a gas gas 300 2 stroke which had an insane amount of power and the 250f is a lot more fun. You can actually use more of the power and be way more agressive on the bike.

have a read up on the KXF250, I have already ordered mine, sorry im leaving the blue fold. check under new bikes

If you like lots of power, get the 450, it brought me back to my cr500 days. Test drive each if you can, thats the best way.. The 250 is hard to beat. :)


I'm also a '01 WR426 owner, an average rider, a torque junkie, and have had the pleasure of riding an '03 YZ 250F.

Most of my riding is still on public lands and as a result I need a) a street plate to connect the trails and :D something with a good stealth factor. If it wasn't for this I would switch to a YZ250F in a heartbeat. It is without any question the finest off-road bike I've ever ridden. Period. The weight savings and smooth power delivery make all the difference in the world. The '03's start first kick - everytime with no drill required.

It's the only bike that's out there right now that I would consider trading my wr426 in for. Now if I can only convince my wife that two blue bikes in the garage are a "necessity", and that she really doesn't need new appliances or landscaping done! :)

Any ideas on how to sell that "necessity" Thumpertalk mates?? (and no - selling the VFR is not an option!)

Anyways, goodluck with your shopping dilema!

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