anyone try aftermarket aluminium radiators?

has anyone tried aftermarket radiators that claim they cool more efficiently than stock? iv been seeing them on ebay for around 120-150 for a new set, and was interested if anyone tried them or knew anything about them?

Fluidyne has some pretty nice radiators, they do hold and flow more coolant through the radiator than the stockers so they probably help keep the bike running a little cooler. Anything ebay id be weary of imo.

i bought a set last year when i swapped my 05yz150f frame with a 07. a little bent up now from crashes,but no leaks or anything. i dont know about more cooling, they are larger, hold more coolant. never had the bike overheat.

i bought the ebay oversized radiators for my old yz400f that had a bad overheating problems in the woods and they solved the problem but the only bad thing i have to say is that they are a little weaker than stock so a set of rad gaurds would be a good investment

rocky mountain has tusk rads new oversized and no tax or shipping plus they are all pretty and compare to fluidyne for $125 each

I've had a set of the ebay oversized radiators for 2 years now with no problems. They have held up to crashes way better than the stock ones. The only issue I had was that the spout out of the the top hit the gas tank on my 450 since the radiator is so much thicker, so I used a radiator lowering kit to solve this problem. I had a set on a YZ250F and they fit fine. The ones on my 250F got bent pretty good but never leaked. For the money I couldn't be happier.

I have the cheap chineese rads for my '04. The bike is in pieces but they look very nice. Great welds and do hold more coolant. I did a search on here and found a few honda owners with overheat complaints but many positive replies. I like the Fluidyne but I can't pay that much for something I gonna bash up.

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