Tire Presures

Hi Guys

Have fitted new Michelin AC10 tires and are wondering what presure is recomended for bitumen and dirt road usage, i have 300 kms to do on them tomorrow

Cheers Nic

Bitumen? I don't know what that is? I run mine at 14-15psi. it's a little high, but I don't like pinch flats much either.

I reckon for dirt riding it's better to have the pressure low for more traction, not too low of course. Just common sense, you should know from your last tires

For dirt road you probably want to run them no lower than 12psi assuming you will be going fairly fast on them to avoid pinch flats and typically dirt roads don't have much problems with traction.

On a side note, if you want to be able to really vary your pressure get the tubliss system. I have it and have gone as low as 2 psi without worrying about a pinch flat or losing a bead.

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