426 in cold weather

My 00 426 is not running smooth in cold weather, 0 degrees celsius and below. It wont idle and there is a lot of small explosions in the exhaust system on higher RPM`s. Does anyone have a good advise on what to do.

Is this a series of pops....or explosions, as you call them..... happen when you close the throttle at higher RPM's? Cold air is denser and may be causing a slightly lean condition. My '00 426 runs great when it's cold outside....or when it's hot outside...doesn't seem to matter. However, each bike is different and you might benefit from enrichening a little. If your engine pulls strongly and cleanly at full throttle, don't touch the main jet. If it does the popping on decel as mentioned before, try turning your pilot fuel screw out(counterclockwise) in quarter turn increments. Mine is very sensitive to this adjustment. I get the best throttle response when this screw is adjusted such that I get an occasional "muffled" pop during decel.

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Morton.. The first thing you must do is move to a warmer climate.. LOL, No seriously, Boit is right. The bike will need to be richened up a bit. 45 pilot and a 165 main should be a good place to start depending on your elevation. From there, adjust the pilot fuel screw .

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