No Compression with new top end.

Okay guys, I am stumped. I recently put a new top end in my '06 and when i put everything back together there was no compression. I rechecked my timing today and made sure the decompression release was in proper working order. As to my knowledge my valves were perfect when I put it back together. I will pull my head off again this weekend, but I need something else to check. Any suggestions?

If you remembered to put rings in it, then you need to check your valve clearance to start with. After that, then check your timing again by using a probe on top of the piston to locate TDC. Once you find it, check to see that the mark on your flywheel agrees with it. If it doesn't, you dislodged the flywheel key.

yeah, i put the rings in, so ill check my valve clearance again. I doubt my flywheel key is dislodged, but its always a possibility i fudged it up somehow...:ride: But thanks for the info gray. if it doesnt work, ill be back.

Well my valves checked okay and flywheel key was in place. Is it possible I put the rings in incorrectly?

Sure, but it's hard to see how you could have goofed them up so as to have no compression, rather than just low compression.

Are you sure all the shims are in place in the buckets, if they are dislodged it may be holding a valve open.

Pressure test the topend through the spark plug hole and see where it is leaking...

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