Z-start tools?

Install instructions say I need a inch / foot lbs torque wrench for install. 13 to 15 inch / foot lbs. The only one I have found is from Snap-on at $385? It cost more than the cost of the Z-start. Any suggestions?

Does your local auto parts shop rent them out? My local Autozone and Napa have them as loaner tools. Just pay a hefty deposit but you get it all back on return. Just an idea.

Uh billoyd....

It's either inch/lbs or foot/lbs. but not both. What is the torque callout you need? If it's foot/lbs, PM me and I will loan you my clicker. I'm in Huntington Beach.

Snap-on must be quoting you on a digital torque wrench.

That wrench will do both inch/lbs and foot/lbs but you don't need both.

$385.00 cost is to much. Way to much.

Hell, if it's inch/lbs I will bring one home from the shop. :)

Mainjet, It is Inch/Lbs (13 to 15 I/L)and we will actually be working on our bikes at my buddies house in HB. He lives near Magnolia and Adams. We will install it after work one night, but I will be out of town until 7th of July. We are leaving for Laguna Seca on the 10th. I appreciate the offer and would love to take you up on it! Should only take an hour to install, You can take a spin, see what you think. I will Pm you with my info. I can be reached any time during the week on my Cell. Talk Soon!!!

LOL...I'm 4 blocks from there. :)

Got your PM and sent a return message.

You want to have a torque wrench that can be accurate at 7-8 ft/lbs (84-96 inch/pounds) for the M6 mounting bolts. The M3s are supposed to be torqued to 8-10 inch/pounds. I bought a snap-on used for $125 but it's realy not necessary for the average guy. Just use good judgement on those 2mm hex keys, go slow and go all the way around twice to get them well seated.


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