yz450f valve length?

about a month ago i had 5 new valves put into my bike (06 yz450) by my local shop because i didnt have the valve tools. recently i had time and i went to put my bike back together and i was alarmed to see that my exhaust cam was resting on top of the buckets and not touching the head. i even tried it with the smallest shim i have and it is still just resting on top of the buckets/spring. i then took my head off and apart to inspect it and the head is not dammaged and everything looks completely normal. the only conclusion i can think of is that the shop had installed the wrong valves in the wrong places. :ride::banghead::banghead: does anyone here know the measurements of the valves? so that i know which one is which. there doesnt seem to be any markings on the valves to distinguish them from another.


The exhausts have a larger head diameter than the intakes, and the center intake is shorter than the outer two. The only mistake the shop could have mad with OEM valves is to have cut too much from the seats, or failed to correct the installed stem height.

Did the shop have your cams, lifters, etc., when they did the job?

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