Getting really hot?


Yesterday was my first decent ride on my wr450f.

It has a FMF Factory 4 with a Titanium header, It gets really hot, At night it will glow red.

I am worried that if its getting that hot that if I am to come off a rock may crush the header?

Also when I turn it off to have a breather it's bubbling back into the overflow bottle, Is that normal? Happens for about 30 od seconds then stops.

Sorry for all the questions but just getting into these big bad arse bikes haha.



I would read up on jetting your bike and sort that out first. :ride:

I second that....

In addition, a few things to look into.

Get a new radiator cap, it might not be holding presusre.

If you did not re-jet after installing the exhause you are likely running lean.

Also, make sure you have fresh coolant.

Check you oil to make sure there is no water present.

Hope that helps. :smirk:

Thanks for your replies.

I'll be doing a full service before next ride.

And have an inspection for registration next week so i might talk to the fella about jetting cause im new to it lol.

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just ride it like u stole it and dont worry too much having fun is really the number 1 thing

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