will a 450 jug work on a 426 lower end?

i am thinking about gitting my 426 rebuilt over the winter with a valve job. guy who i am going to have do the job says hes got a 450 jug at home( he did a big bore kit) and i can get a good deal on it. so any help would be great.

I recall some discussion regarding this; you might search and turn it up. I'm not certain whether it will fit, or how much needs to be done to make the swap, but I do know this: The 426 head WILL NOT fit on a 450 cylinder, so if you were to use one, you would need a head as well, and that's way too much to go through for 23cc difference.

444cc big bore kits, OTOH, are pretty reasonable.

thanks gray, i told the guy that if any one you would know. so ill let him know and when i have him do the work, i have him see if it just needs and piston and rings or a hone job too. i am also gonna have him do a valve job. i think i will go with the stainless valves over the tye valves.

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