Spark Plug Wire(s)??

Last night I brought home three, new '09 YZ450s and like with every new bike, I'm installing engine hour meters on them.

I've never had any trouble with inductive hour meters in the past, but I'm not having any luck getting them to work.

The lead to the spark plug "boot" is quick connect and different than I've seen in the past ('06 Hondas).

Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks!


The spark plug "boot" is the coil, and the leads running to it are low, primary voltage. Run your HM lead under the seal and wind it at least twice around the coil body.

I wondered!! Excellent, thank! I'll try it now.

Just for everyone's info. The solution above worked - however, I wasn't comfortable breaking the seal to run the wire so I coiled it just above the seal and it works great!

Gray, thanks for the help.


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