XR650R vs KTM LC640

Hi guys. I'm intrigued with the new super motard trend. Anyone have any opinions or ideas about the relative pluses or minuses of building a street legal XR650R motard vs buying an off the shelf KTM LC640?


Joe Rider

KTM = Keep - The - Manual :)

Yes. I have ridden an LC640 and it's too slow. Sure, it might seem fast if you are a girl, but to most fans of open class dirt bikes, the LC640 is just too lame. Any uncorked XR650R will be more potent. And also the KTM's don't hold up near as well as the Honda. The KTM 400 I had back in '96 basically fell apart, first one thing then another! Pile of junk! And parts were almost impossible to get!

Get the Honda and have fun and never worry about it breaking down !


Oh yeah..forgot to mention,, the WR and YZ Yamaha's make pretty kick ass super motards too~!

KTM = Keep Throwing Money

I've seen a KTM supermotard, I think it was a Duke or something like that. It looked sweet. :D I don't know how good it is but it does cost $$$. Honda is a strong bike and cost a lot less. I guess if you want a 100% street bike the KTM is set up. The Honda looks funny supermotard from the bikes I've seem but you can't beat a Honda for dependabilty. :)

KTM= Kosts Too Much

the KTM 640 is ugly, and slow, and expensive, and its a KTM. I rode one and was not impressed at all, my BRP has more snap at seemingly all throttle positions and is lighter by like 15 pounds or so. I believe the 640 is about 295lbs dry. Lets see, cheaper, better looking, faster, better parts availability, lighter, Not a KTM, more reliable. Go with honda, yes i am biased thank you very much. One good thing about the KTM, it has electric start so its girly riders can start it :), lol. Just my .02

Check over in the KTM forum or on www.ktmtalk.com for some other opinions.

Yes, the KTM LCs are pretty unimpressive in stock form. But so is the XR650r. Both have to be uncorked. In the KTMs case, this is more involved because the stock carb is basically a POS and needs to be replaced with a flat side carb. There is loads of info on the details of how to do this on the KTM site. Once this is done, the KTM will give up zilch to the XR650 in power. Both have all you will ever need.

As for reliability, again, ask owners of both bikes. My KTM EXC has 3000+ miles and is still going strong. Super reliable and I'm no mechanic either. My XR4 with about 2000 miles just caught fire and burned up in the middle of the desert. A freak incident for sure, but guess which one gets my vote for "reliability and operating cost"?

Let me guess, dissimilar metal corrosion buildup within the area where the float needle valve body rides inside the cylindrical part of the carb body? Thereby resulting in a stuck float and fuel overflow, at which point a spark ignited it? I have a friend who this happened to. The bike was totally burned up. Since the float needle valve body is supposedly aluminum, and the carb body is also, there should be no problems, however research on this topic suggests differing mixtures of allows of each part, resulting in quick corrosion of the area, and a stuck needle valve, not at the tip, but in the sliding surface of the needle valve body. :)

Truth is, I have no idea how the fire started and never will. All the evidence was destroyed in the fire. Best guess at this point was gas from the overflow tube igniting off the header pipe or something caught under the header pipe. Despite this, I'll probably get another XR because I loved that bike so much.

KTM = Keep Three Mechanics

LC4's way too hard to find parts! Xrs are bullet proof

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