2010 Wheels

Can someone recommend a place to get another set of wheels for my 2010 YZ450f? I have the white one, so I'm lookin for the black wheels.

Thanks for any help

09 wheels should fit as they were "the only thing left unchanged" according to all of the reviews that I read.

I've been looking at G-Force wheels from Rockymountain. $500 bucks! Did a search on here and the few replys were positive. They are matte and not shinny if that matters.

I would like to get the exact wheel if possible. What kind of hubs are on the stock wheels?

Did the white model come with black wheels? BikeBandit lists 2 part numbers for wheels so I assume one is black. Having trouble getting on yammy site.

What kind of hubs are on the stock wheels?
Um, Yamaha.

The rim itself is excel though, right?

Is there another hub you'd recommend?

Where is a good place to get wheels with the same rim?

Excel rims are available through almost all of the big parts supply stores...

The only non-OEM hubs I would trust are Talons. Other good one probably exist, I just have no familiarity with them. You asked about hubs originally, not rims, but yes, they are Excels.

One thin to bear in mind is that the basic Talon hub is reasonably universal. They add flanges to the ends of them to adapt them to different bikes, and change the bearings. The front wheels from bikes from '02 upward will fit your '10 if you use the spacers for a '10. The OEM rears from '08 and prior can't be adapted by practical means, but a Talon made for an '02-'08 model can be. They sell a kit for it. So if you happen to run across a used set, you could go that way.

I'm a fan of TCR hubs. Most aftermarket hubs are quite heavy, and typically use proprietary spokes/bearings/rims which can be a pain when you need replacement parts...

TCR's are claimed to weigh the same or less than stock. They're also compatible with stock bearings,spokes, and rims.

You can get a full set w/ A60 rims for about $1k here:



If you don't like the blue hubs, you can get different colors from TCR directly:


You could save a few bucks by purchasing the parts separately, and lacing them yourself.

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i too am looking for preferably a set of stock hubs for the 10. been watching ebay but cant find any. anyone else know where to find a decent used rear hub?

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