Newbe need help

I just installed a flywheel weight on my 08 YZ450f about two weeks ago. I have been riding on single track trails and sand lately. I went to move my bike yesterday and it was in gear. Once I pulled the clutch lever in it would barely move, dragging the back tire. Is it most likely the friction plates need replaced? I know I ride the clutch alot but could the flywheel weight contributed to my clutch problems. I then decided to run it around the yard and stalled it and now it wont start. Is it possible that I fouled a plug?

I would appreciate any help:banghead:

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The clutch dragging like that is pretty normal; annoying, but as long as it releases cleanly enough to allow you to select neutral at an idle, it's normal. The flywheel had nothing to do with it.

There are two ways that the flywheel weigh could have kept it from starting. The first is if it came loose and damaged the stator. The second is if you mis-located the Woodruff key, or left the flywheel loose enough to shear it. Check for this by finding TDC with a screwdriver down the spark plug hole and checking to see that the flywheel mark also says TDC. If none of that is wrong, and you have spark, you probably either fouled a plug or ran out of gas.

Well I pulled the crankcase cover and everything is fine there. So I check my plug and there is no spark. I changed plugs still no spark. any ideas?

Like grey said, the drag is normal, especially when the bike is off and the clutch is cold it will drag big time with the clutch lever held in.

Re-check your flywheel since it was the last thing you changed before this happened. Pull it off and inspect the woodruff key and your stator. Going to guess that maybe it came loose and smashed the stator as you now have no spark.

Check it out.

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