wr450 left side cover breach

I thought those plastic skid plates on the 07 wr450 and newer was pretty cool. But I dropped the bike on the left side and cracked the cover right thru the skid plate. Didn't know it at the time. Lost a bunch of oil. There is still oil on the dip stick, not much tho. Hopefully I didn't take any life off the motor. It sounds good still. Will need to put a metal skid plate on for sure.

Anyway, I need to replace the side cover. Are there any aftermarket anodized or polished covers out there? I found clutch covers, but not left side covers.

When I was looking for case protectors for mine, I was told that the Left side is quite robust and hence why one isn't made for it

Sounds like you were unlucky to breach it

On the oil issue, I blew the gearbox oil seal and lost most of my oil during a 2.5 enduro

When I drained the oil out there was only 175ml in it, which scared the shit out of me. I had the cams out and there was no damage to the journals etc , and now I've put at least another 10hrs on it with no issues, so if yours was still showing on the dipstick then it'll be fine for sure

Thanks! That makes me feel much better.

I guess I can have the cover welded up, but dont really want the scar.

It looks like the 2009 covers are black. Is this anodized? They are also cheaper than the 2007. Are these interchangeble? They look the same in the diagrams.

Nope - just painted which lasts about 1 ride before wearing off

I think the 07-10 are all interchangeable, but not absolutely certain

Ill just get 'er welded I guess. Then polish. Should look better than worn off paint.


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