what vales for a 426

i am going to get a valve job soon and wanted to get the parts. i was looking at gitting stainless valves, but whats a good brand? after i seen how much for the tie valves i about fell off my seat lol. and i do just trail riding if that would make a difference.

Use OEM Yamaha valves from a 2000 model YZ426. BE SURE to use the 2000 springs, too. SS valves are nearly twice as heavy.

would that make a big deal as far as Performance? and whats with the 2000 426 valves?

The 2000 valves are stainless and will drop right into your head. Check the price and you'll see what the big deal is.

I doubt you or much of anyone else could notice any loss of performance in using them.

I used ss valves in my 01 426, It runs great, and I can replace the valves, springs and everything about three times for the cost of just Ti valves.

i also have ss valve in my 444 and haven't seen a problem and for 1/4 the price and long wear intervals it was a no brain'r

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