IMS Natural Tank Cleanup

I picked up some parts for my WR426 off CL, CF frame guards, rad scoops, side panels etc. Got a nice deal on all of it.

While I was yakking with the guy I told him I was doing a WR to YZ tank / seat conversion and he mentioned he had a natural IMS tank in the back and that it was a mess and partially painted.

I had him pull it out and after looking it over offered him 15 bucks which he took.






I posted up on (SBR) a local moto forum in the South San Francisco Bay Area of CA. Folks suggested a variety of things, so I tried them all. The most successful with EZ Off Oven cleaner. I also had good luck with gasoline and a toothbrush and carb cleaner and a toothbrush.





I ordered up a new petcock, and cleaned up the hardware that was on there and put it all together. I also ordered a nicer cap for it. The cap cost as much as the tank and petcock!

I'm quite pleased with how it turned out:


that turned out nice.... (so is the bike)


that turned out nice.... (so is the bike)



I've been working on the bike for about a month. I'm almost finished, it seems there is always some little thing to do :smirk::p

Looks good, Ipaid I think $165 for mine, for a '06 wr450. Had more money than time, at the time. It was mint, though.

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