1999 yz 400 lifters???

rebuilding a 1999 yz 400 that dropped a valve, got the engine in pieces when i bought it, ordered all parts needed to rebuild it but they asked what colour lifters i need??? said theres 3 kinds yellow black and green read the whole manual and it doesnt say anything about different lifters???

If you can make out the paint marks in the head adjacent to each bore, the ideal thing is to get a match for each one. The color, though, can become indistinct over time. If you either can't determine which ones it has, or the alternatives are not available, order the black ones.

http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=9556877#post9556877 (part number may not be correct for a 400)

whats the difference in lifters??? why have 3 kinds if the black ones work for all valves??? theres no colours that i can see but it only came with 2 lifters and there black??

whats the difference in lifters???
Read the linked thread.

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