Adapting to the 426

I just got to ride my 00 426 last weekend for the first time on an MX track, and have mixed feelings about the bike. I like the smooth power, but it seems like the bike wears me out much quicker than the 99 RM250 I had. The other thing I had trouble with was not using the clutch in turns. I was on a kind of small track, and I don't really see how you can come out of tight turns quickly without using the clutch a bit. I probably need some more time on the bike, but I'm thinking I might have messed up switching from a 250 to this bike. Anyone else have trouble adapting to this bike?

DON'T give up I too switched from a RM250 to the 426 a year ago & I'm still learning. Tight tracks are the biggest challenge I am on an indoor track now & its more difficult. You might loose some teeth on the rear if your gearing is stock. Just enough clutch to keep from stalling & twist it hard. Don't pull in the clutch too soon coming into corners (Its not an RM). Use that smooth power, it will push you to go faster & faster. Soon your buddys will be FAR behind.

Opps! ADD teeth on the rear

If you just got a 2000 is there any chance that the suspension was set up for a heavier or more aggressive rider?

Where and how are you feeling "worn out"?

I came off a 99 cr250....You got to ride the

426 like a big bore 2 stroke. Let the bike do the work, apply the power that is needed. Don't fight it or wind it up like your rm.

Front brake on , slip into berm then lay on the throttle. Rear brake for panic stop only.

Let the bike work, sit back and be the flea on a dogs back.

DaveJ-the suspension feels good on the bike, not harsh or stiff. I guess I was riding it like I did the 250, which apparently doesn't work with this bike. I couldn't go as many laps as I could on the RM. I thought it might be the weight of the bike or my riding style.

Big Mike, I just left a 99 CR250 and move to an 01 426. Man what a difference in suspension. He just needs to put sometime on his bike. Try a 51 tooth rear the 49 is way to tall for tight tracks. Big Mike are you in Texas? Iam in Fort Worth.

I am still getting use to mine too. One thing that is helping me is getting the braking done earlier than a 2 stroke. Then I just role the trottle on through the corner. I must be using too much back brake still. I guess they are more like riding a street bike.


Do you stay completely off the back brake going into a turn?



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

Hey Rick,

If I was obsessed w/saving weight I would take off my rear brake...because I never have used it at all! If you try to ride the 426 like a 2 stroke in the berms (haul butt into berm lock up rear and dump clutch and go) your clutch will not last very long and you will most likely stall your engine the best way is to keep the engine running and bog it and slowly roll out and then WACK the throttle on (this will reward you with 2 smoke 250's yelling profanities at you because the roost from a 426 HURTS) Once you get the hang of it, you will for sure be faster than you were on your KX250 (the engine braking is like a blessing when you get used to it) Oh yeah turning your idle up helps ALOT in turns so that your engine is running at a higher RPM and it will have an instant snap out of turns! Hope the rain stays out for this weekend cause I need to ride! Hope this helps!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

Just be patient and don't give up. I came oh-so-close to selling my 01 426 and going back to a familiar CR.

I am so glad I listened to people on this board and others who told me "you will hate the first month". They were right and now I will never go back. Just last weekend I won my first race on it and beat a guy I have never been able to. I attribute it to the bike as he was working his ass off on his 01Cr250 to try to stay ahead of me.


See the Texas thumper post.

Originally posted by johnatbnsf:

Big Mike, I just left a 99 CR250 and move to an 01 426. Man what a difference in suspension. He just needs to put sometime on his bike. Try a 51 tooth rear the 49 is way to tall for tight tracks. Big Mike are you in Texas? Iam in Fort Worth.

Same here! At first I also thought I screwed up and made a 5000+ dollar mistake, and I was ready to sell, give or just throw the damn bike away. It took me 3 full months to relearn, but now the bike is the best damn thing I've raced "EXCEPT FOR THE STINKING GRABBY CLUTCH"


I'm going to put in some more time on the bike and see if I like it any better. That's the reason I thought I would try one of them out, it would not be hard to sell if I didn't like it.

I just recently switched from a 00yz250 to a 00426 and thought I might have made a mistake also. I now have about 10 hours of time on the 426 and I must say the more I ride the bike the more I like it. I ride mostly mx tracks, a few times indoors throughout the winter, and a little woods. Jumping- I learned to keep the throttle on until you leave the face of the jump and no blippng required just keep it on, turning- I do notice the wieght in tight situations but the more I ride it I learn to use the throttle more and the torque makes any wieght difference disappear, my cornering is actually better on the 426.

Me too! i am got off a kx250 to go to a 01 426. Man i love my bike! The power is so much better than a 2 stroke. You know what i also found out is that the 426s stroke is shorter than 2 strokes.(Thats odd). Just spend time on the bike. Or you can not ride for a couple months forget how to ride then start riding agian on your 426. It will work. It worked for me.

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