Hole in end of throttle tube

I usually ride with bark busters,and short bars. I want put my big bars back on without the busters. Anyone find an easy (HOME MADE) way to cover up the cut off throttle tube end, that looks ok. I want to avoid any possibility of a stuck throttle..

takea soldiering iron or a welder or a low heat torch and melt a piece of plastic (cut to shape witha dremel) to the end of the throttle tube then put expoxy over theparts that look unsealed :)

Moose make some bar end that you can use for about $14. I use them om my bike even thoug I dont run handguards. The save grips on diggers. Send me your e-mail and I will send you a pic or check out: http://www.gobike.com.au/prod2621.htm for to somthing similar.


MY plastic welding skill has problems, I was thinking of sticking a WD40 can lid over the end ( if it fits)and then a new grip or something similar :). Will those after market bar ends still let in the dirt under the tube ? thanks for the ideas :D

By the metal throttle tubes. The plastic stock ones can crack when drilling. I went thru the first set and have since gone with metal tubes. :)

Who makes a good billet throttle tube Indy? All the ones I see are for single cable smokers but I'd really like to invest in one.

Thx Indy........got one on the way. Those are a nice looking piece.

I did the WD40 mod :D I putted the red can lid under the throttle grip but it broke easily in several pieces... :)

Any idea what is different between 98-00 WR's and an '03 WR450 throttle tube?

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