Problem with rear fender flexing too much

I picked up an '06 WR450 this spring and have made it street legal. The previous owner had already installed a YZ fender. I installed a tail/brake light and a Moose tool kit on the fender. I don't remember the brand name of the tail light but I picked it out because it fit nicely and was one of the lightest I could find. The dealer where I bought it in Denver had a Baja Designs and it was significantly heavier than the one I choose. My tool kit is probably carrying more than I need but I have always liked tools on the road and in the woods. I am not pushing the bike too hard but the fender flexed enough a couple of times that the license plate snagged the tire and bent under. Before I installed the light kit and tool bag the fender already had some white stress marks where it had probably bent under at some point in the past. It was also missing a couple of mounting bolts that I have already replaced. So maybe the fender was in sub-par condition before my modifications. Anyone else with a dual sport conversion run into this problem? Anyone have a suggestion about bracing the fender or who makes the strongest replacement fender so I can try to fix this problem? I don't think the weight of the light kit is excessive and I really don't want to pull any more tools out of the rear fender bag if I can avoid it. I already have a Moose front fender bag carrying a spare tube and a couple of parts. Thanks for your help.

I've had similar experience with the stock rear fender, and a moose tail bag. Too much stuff will flex the fender. I went back to carrying my tools in my camelback and just put tubes in the bag. I also mounted my plate at the very end of the fender so as to not fold it under like I have again.

I recently bought an 04 that has a UFO enduro fender installed with an msr fender bag on it. The fender would shake really bad so I just replaced it with a UFO mx fender. The tail piece from the enduro will bolt right on, I didn't put it on yet but I may.

I don't think I'll put the fender bag back on it, I couldn't really use it so I don't think I'll miss it, I think I will build a rack for it at some point anyway.

thats funny that you had just posted about this problem

I have been mounting a larger tail light to my 04 as I want to use it on the road a little more and was concerened about the YZ fender bouncing around.

I took a old YZ rear fender and cut it ( a lot) to fit under as a brace.And then I bolted it together

Since I am running 17 inch rims Im not worried about the rear wheel at the bottom of the travel, but thats something to think about with stock wheels.

It helped but it still shakes some. The stock WR fender is much thicker and heavier

Mount it closer to the seat. Your bag should even overlap the seat just a little.

Also, put the stuff in your backpack. Its only heavy when you first put the backpack on. 2 mins of riding and you will never feel the weight of the backpack.

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