fitting YZ 250 96-01 fuel tank to 4 stroke '98-'02

I'm offered an oversize aluminum tank from the 2 stroker, but would like to fit it to '99 WR 400.

Side plastics from 2stroke are diffrent, having 3 fixing bolts, but dont know how the 2 stroke tank would fit 4 stroke frame.

On the two stroke tanks there are two lowered parts of the tank that sort of wrap around the top of the head on a 2 stroke engine. On the right side it drops just below the top of the cylinder head, and on the right side it doesn't drop near as much but it gives you access to the spark plug.

I would think with the lower part of the tank dropping so low, it would be impossible to fit it to the frame with the 4 stroke engine head being so much larger.

Have you dropped it on the frame to check before even seeing if plastics will fit?

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