Devol Radiator guards question

Anybody try them in last mo.s DirtBike, they said the bike can run hotter. ?????

I've already been through three!! :)

Hey it's ROCKY out here in the dez... :D

So I have them on order.

Also I have heard about a new coolant that works excellant. Engine Ice, out of Florida.


I have the Devol guards on my 2k 426. Haven't had any trouble. Coolant level has been constant last 3 checks. I ride alot of Enduro stuff. Some tight some open.

Originally posted by G-Man:

Anybody try them in last mo.s DirtBike, they said the bike can run hotter. ?????

I've already been through three!! :)

I think some guys on the WR side were running BOTH the Devols and the Thumper/Flatland racing rear support (this setup does seem to require some modifications to the guards).

I have the Devols only and the rear brace isn’t the strongest thing in the world but I don’t know if you really need the added support. The best part about them is they replace the stock louvers, which, for me, last about four rides, and they protect the outside surface area of the radiator.

The one radiator I ruined (on another bike) had the rows squished so bad they split from the tank. This same kind of failure would be very difficult to duplicate with the Devol guards due to the wrap around nature of the guard.

As for Dirt Bike, well, on some level that is way above my head the Devols MAY restrict air more than the louvers but, from looking at the two, the opposite would seem true. But I don’t have access to a wind tunnel. I’m sure my IMS tank did WAY more to obstruct flow, any difference w/ the Devols is bound to be negligible IMO.

My bike did not run hotter with the Devols. Sometimes they print some pretty weird stuff in DB…

Thanks guys!


The louvers will channel the air directly across the fins, and probably should cool it down. I've been using the devols for about a year on my WR. Overheated? No, but I use water wetter.

Bill on the WR side is thinking about modifying his louvers to fit into his guards for more roost protection. Maybe the hot ticket.

Damn, you've louvers last 4 rides? Must be following another 426 :)

G-Man, speaking blountly from experience; the Devols work fine and will save you big time from bending the radiator in moderate crashes. No overheating as long as you don't idle too long or just lug it around for long. As for Engine ice; catchy name; no different than other m/c coolants. Water wetter is a different story, great for warm conditions but change to coolant/anti-freeze during winter.


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Originally posted by mcarp:

Damn, your louvers last 4 rides? Must be following another 426 :)

An exaggeration. But collisions w/ brush and falls break the inner plastic mounting tabs very easily. I once stopped to rest and discovered a Mesquite branch had broken the louver and passed all the way through the rad. fins and out the other side (somehow w/out puncturing anything). I figured I’d get some guards since I’d spent an equivalent amount in plastic louvers by then and it seemed my radiators were operating on borrowed time with only a piece of flimsy plastic protecting them.

The only drawback to the Devols is they make removing your radiators a little harder, I bought a long ¼” extension and wobbler to get at the bolts behind the guard.

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