What is the most distance anyone has gone without major engine work?


I have durability related questions directed to those with a lot of miles/kms on their WR4.

At this point I have 6,000 miles/10,000 km on my WR426

Being aware of the great variety of usage conditions, but assuming good maintainance:

1.) What is the most distance anyone has gone without major engine work?(opening the engine)

2.) What is typically the first point of failure/wear in the WR4 motors

3.) What is the typical miles/kms before major engine work?: (rebore/valve work/cam chain..)

Honda XRs could seemingly do 18,000miles/30,000km as a max before cam chain wear/valves required a rebuild. From our collective experience, does a well maintained WR4 match this?


I think the WR engines are good for 10,000 miles under non racing conditions. You need to do your valve clearances once a season. :)

I would agree with Indy.There are several WR4's in our group with 6 to 8k and one due to hit 12k this summer again under non-racing conditions. Each with nothing more than a valve adjustment.Its a strong design. :)

I had my motor torn down at about 6000 k's for gear box failure, i did fit a new piston and rings at that time just because.......well........ it was apart, going by what i saw at the time i think these things (well maintained) are good for 15-20,000 K's, the thing's that will stop this kind of milage are the gear box and the timing chain :)

I have 8,000k's on mine now,

Try pm "Sabin", he'd have to have around 14,000 k's by now.

I run Moto-Loco.com tours using WR-426's 2001 models. My "Personal" 426 has approximately 12-14,000 miles on it and it is running as good as new. another has about 7K and another around 5K. No problems from any, no noises no leaks. I just change the oil and clean the filters regulary but during a tour they go until the end of tour without a change which is about 800-1000 miles. I expect mine to go 20K easily. I would get on it right now and go on a 2000 mile trip. I do run a Scott's stainless steel filter on all of my bikes. Better filtering qualities :)

I bought a new yz400 in '97. Rode the crap out of it. Adjusted the valves once after a year. They never tightened up again. Changed oil every couple of rides (nothing but Honda HP4) I was always tempted to take it apart and check upper/lower end but didn't. I have no idea the mileage but I'd guess between 20K and 25K. Never a problem with it. Most of these bikes are incredibly resiliant. :)

i have 4623miles on my 426 but you half to do the valves often I do mine in the winter. :)

you are almost right I have about 15000km now. I have adjusted valves once and that's all. I have no notisable oil consumation, bike rips. I guess I'll have to change cam chain and rings soon. I change oil on every 700-800 km. (when it changes color)

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