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Hey , I am up in Fort Worth, but always open for a road trip. Would like to see some new places to ride.

I ride local motocross for fun and now race the TCHSS events in four stroke C. I also aint yet ready for the two hour stuff...

2000 426 with disco daddy gold wheels and hubs.

T42 Chris Thomas

I'm 37 and north of the big D. Sounds so far like I'm in the boonies as far as this forum goes. Just rode my machine for the first time yesterday. Awesome. Nuff said.

Originally posted by 426 Pilot:

I'm 37 and north of the big D. Sounds so far like I'm in the boonies as far as this forum goes.

I can trump that, I’m in El Paso (more or less anyway).

Favorite Factoid: El Paso is closer to California than Austin.

Well Texas is a big state. But, no one's too far. There are some nice tracks all over this state. My feeling is now that I have a bike that is a lot more versatile I am going to use it. I know on rec.motorcycle.dirt (RMD), they have organized some great state wide trips. I think we can do the same here.

It would be a sight to see a herd of Yamaha Thumpers roaring down the trail or around the track. We might even get someone to sponser it.

We could call it the Texas Thumper Fest if that name is not taken. Have a day of woods riding and a day of motocross, who knows.

If nothing else, I want to get to know the guys the ride thumpers in my local area and when I travel somewhere to ride I want to hook up with the thumpertalker's there.



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

Super Dave's Flying Motoworld is on Interstate 10 East of Hwy 146 ~ 10 miles North side of 10...the track has 1 MX track and 1 SX track, and also has a 20 mile harescramble course!

I sure hope the rain either comes quick or waits til after the weekend! Cause if it rains, the only tracks that dry out quick are 290 and highlands!

Hey Jason (or anyone),

How do you get to bayou MX from the houston area?



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

Whats up Garret?

From Houston come east on IH10, when you get to Winnie,TX you are about 15 miles from the track, keep going until you get to exit 845 which is Major Drive.

Get off there and go south on Major Drive

about 1/4 mile,cross railroad tracks, take a right on hwy 124 going back west. Its about 1 mile on the left there is a sign that says Truck mud racing and Bayou MX Park(the name has changed to Major MX)the sign still says Bayou MX. Turn there and It dead ends into it.


hry G are we ever gonna go to flyin daves, it sounds cool! cant ride this weekend, have to work, but i will ride during the week, ill see if i cant get out there, i wana ride that sx track!!! since rios isnt open yet, i wana have my go at a 90 foot triple, into a 90 degree berm, then pin it into a set of of six pack doubles, hope flyin daves has sweet set up. anyway im outa here, later yall.


Im 17, i ride this beast (98 400) i love this thing, only riden for about a year, but MOTOMAN393 helped me out, i picked it up quik. so...i wont be smokin everyone but i hold my own. i live in clear lake, about 20 minutes from houston. me my lil bro and dad, along with motoman and his dad usually haul together, lets do this, itll be fun. later yall.


p.s. were the heck is flyin daves??? and is it cool?

Well good news...it looks like the rain is not going to ruin my weekend it is 3:30pm right now and I havent got any rain at my house! So it looks like im gonna ride tomorrow...probably at Highlands or 290! I have called all the local tracks and they are all open tomorrow and the only one that got any rain was mills road, and he said it was only enough to pack down the parking lot LOL! I will email yall local guys later tonight when I find out for sure where I'm gonna ride (weather permitting?)...we are gonna have to plan a trip for all you other guys soon...That sure would sound cool w/15-20 YZF's coming off the starting gait at once! Well I gotta go clean my air filter so it has a chance to dry for tomorrow, and do all the other maintainence! Later,



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

It sounds like most of you r from down south. Iam from BIG D "Dallas". Have yall "true texan" bn to freestone?

One more thing do yall race at all?


yea it looks like most of us live in houston good for me, and everyone else around here, bad for those of yall who arent. allright, so this sunday (the 4th i think) do yall wana go out to flyin daves motoworld? that place sounds fun, i can imagine it, all of us ripin through the tracks, then tearing up the trails, man c'mon what do yall say? wana see if we cant get this thing goin? i do. ill prolly go out there if you dont, and motoman393 will be out there too, cause if my family goes, so does his. allright, whos in? directions are posted above. post reply's yall and lets thump. peace.

I'm game. Since, I got stood up last weekend by my riding buddy. I waited all day for him Sunday. We were going to try to make 290.

What time do we want to meet? Also, if there is anyone coming from the Copperfield area I can hook up with them.



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

All you Houston MX riders who are looking to make a day trip for MX should take a trip over to the new track southeast of San Antonio. This track ROCKS!!! They are hosting a-stroke national in Sept. They are that good. I've ridden most tracks in TX and Cycle Ranch (aka VP, "the Bonecrusher") vaulted itself to #2 behind Village creek. The specifics: Sandy soil (not deep), natural terrain with 40' elevation changes making big uphill stepups and stepdowns, 3 1/2 min laptimes in 3-5 gear, 20 different obstacles (step-ups/downs,whoop sections, bowl turns, tables etc) and thats not counting corners. The track holds up well all day long and is well prepped and watered. It has miles of hare scramble trails around the property too. One word of caution, we don't call it "the bonecrusher" for nothing. Some of the challenges have no margin for error. It is a lot of fun and if I had to choose a day trip between Swan and "the bonecrusher", I'd choose Cycle Ranch 9 trips outta 10.


we went to 290 on sunday and the track was in perfect shape! There was a guy on a 01' 426 there and me and him were racing (i actually got into 4th gear at 290) and he passed me a couple times and I passed him a couple times...then I could tell he was riding over his head and he got ALOT of headshake and wrecked right before a jump and broke his shoulder! And I had to wheel his bike and him back to the truck and his wife came and picked him up...I hope he is alright!

Anyways, I cant wait til this weekend! Eric, Is flying motoworld where your going I heard it is cool. I got the urge to goto Mills Road since I havent been there in awhile...but during spring break me a Matt are gonna go up there and rip it up LOL! Later,



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

I usually just lurk around this site reading the reviews but specifically on this post some of the people over at Dirtrider.net are putting together an organized ride at Oak Hill in North Texas.

Check out the Organized Ride forum at www.dirtrider.net


I took an IQ test and the results were negative.


Sorry to here about the fellow MXer. I figured the track would be great. I am going to try and go tomarrow night. I have not been to 290 in ages.


I gues we need to start making plans for flyin Daves motoworld. If we are going.

I know im an XR650R guy but I think it would be awesome to meet up with some big 4 strokes for som eracing action. I by far am not a pro, just an average rider but im tired of riding bymyself cause i dont know anybody else who rides. If yall go anywhere, would yall mind if I joined you? If not at the track maybe some trail riding?

Aaron Z (Houston Tx....Spring)

2000 XR650R w/HRC Power Up Kit(not the cam and piston kit)

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I'm 41 and on my 5th YZ400-426. I ride MX in the Austin area. #92. I ride them hard and have broken about every part, Gas tank, clutches, pistons, wheels, both my arms, etc... and I don't crash much! Just an old guy having fun.

Aaron Z:

I think we are both members of the Houston F-body? I remember you on the list. You mentioning that you were getting a Honda.

I ride most of the local tracks. I also want to do some trail riding. You are welcome to come. I have two buddies with bikes, 00 YZ426 and 00 XR650



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

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