Texas ThunmperTalkers

Patman here.

Lewisville ( Dallas )

YZM replica.


oh man, thats freakin hilariuos. yeah thats me on the houston-f-bodies. ill take you up on that offer to go riding sometime. just name it and im there, rain or shine, its all fun to me :)

Aaron Z

2000XR650R w/HRC Power Up Kit(not the cam and piston kit)

Don't let Lackey-92 fool you.

"Just an old guy having fun" involves lots of speed, full revs, balls of steel, four times the laps as the rest of us, and absolutley no mercy...

No tinkering Vet on his new toy, No Sir.

kinda applies to oldnbold too.

See ya


well dudes. i thnk austin is about the center of TX, well almost. see theres a place called shilo ridge. that just about has everything from those monster ass jumps that seperates us. and those long sweepers that makes you wonder just how you held on..

im there about once a month. and now that i have XRSpeedRacer to play with :) im shure ill be there more. be warned about shilo ridge, it has mud holes that will eat jeeps!.

i think what everyone here need in order to get this houston thumper group in a ride is to set a date?. what about sometime in june? at any BIG ATV place, somewhat centralized in TX.... thats no ROCKY and full of nasty FLAT rock! someone find atleast 5 or 6 places here to ride and lets vote on where to ride at. where ever we ride be ready for a BaRbE-Q!

Dan Ledgerwood

Cut-n-Shoot Texas. Close to Houston on the North side. Let me know where your gonna go. I've been going to the new track off 2090 in Splendora, O.K. track, pretty sandy.

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