stator help

Help :) I put my dual sport kit on this weekend and my bike wont start. No Spark. I think a screwed up the stator. I made my own rotor holding tool but the pins went in to far and gouged up the windings nothing broke but alot of insulation was gone. Do i need a new stator. I checked every thing else and it all looked good. Help me. If i need a new stator or a rewind whats a good place? ricky stator, baja d ?????

Thanks Kevin :D

Here is another thing to consider.

You will probably want to upgrade your stator anyway. The stock electrical systems on these bikes (426 and 450?) don't produce enough energy to run a bright bulb for night riding as I have just learned. If you have yours apart I would beef the system up enough to run one or two bright halogen lamps.

I am just starting to educate myself about this.

The WR guys and the Dual Sport forum should be able to aim you in the right direction with your problem.

Good luck.

The stator costs like $150-180 new. The wr426 stator puts out like puts out like 130watts. That is what I am running on my yz400. That puts out plenty of Juice for night ridding for me. It isn't desert racing quality but it works good for single track ridding.

What kit did you put on?? Ya might be able to get it rewound. But for the cost of a new one ya might just want to replace it. Check with Electrex to see if they can fix it.

I put the Electrex dakar kit on. Electrex is closed today as is most places so no luck. I am new at this stuff so would a damaged stator cause the bike to not start? Is the stator where the ignition gets it spark? I get to learn the hard way :). If the coating is gone on the wires will it create a short? Could i have damaged anything else? Damm this sucks.

Thanks Kevin

I would be willing to wager that you damaged the stator alright! All the windings have a resin coating on them so the electricity does not flow to a "short" If you nicked the coating on exciter coil, a short circuit has occurred and yes you have big trouble!


Well i got it fixed the primary coil was open i broke it good

so i got a new beefed up one from electrex put it in and it fired up on the first kick. Thanks for your input.

Kevin :)

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