Rear caliper seals

My bike is still giving me rear brake issues. I replaced the master cylinder and the bike ran good after I bled the crap out of it. I ran the motard wheels and everything worked sweet. I changed the wheels and lost back brakes again, completely.

I replaced my rear line with a fren tubo line and I though my line could be broken, but in fact its still good, all be it a little bent and twisted. I pulled the piston out of the caliper yesterday and polished it up a little and when I put it back I noted the 1st seal is a little torn.

I hoped for the best and popped everything back. I bled it again and it gets pressure fine, but after it sits for a while, the pressure just fades. Am i right in assuming its loosing pressure at the back? I read that these 450's can be a little beeyatch to bleed properly too.

Any other place I should look?

Mine took ages too, you gota make sure to get ALL the bends out of the line by holding the calliper up high when you bleed it, good luck.

Yeh, my braided line is a little long... It seems to work now though, but only with the super moto wheels. The enduro wheels give me grief. Maybe its a sign?

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