Excursion vs. Suburban Mileage?

Looking to get a 3/4T SUV. Just wondering what the mileage is on the differnet options.

I will get around 2000 model year 4x4 etc...

Excursion 5.4L V8: can only imagine this little engine has to work pretty hard to go anywhere. Especially towing a large toy hauler.

Excursion V10. Wouldnt have to work too hard, but loves gas no matter what.

Suburban 6.0L. Better than 5.4L mileage????

Suburban 8.1L. Loves gas?

I have a 8.1 suburban with 4:11 gears, it gets 10mpg empty and 6ish pulling my 10k toyhauler...... It will get 13 if you stay at 60 on the highway, otherwise it gets 10

I drove the Excursion V10 and thought it wasnt as powerfull as the chevy, also the Suburban has better AC and a nicer layout inside. The Excursion felt HUGE to us.

We drove the suburban with the 6.0 and thought it did well, then we got in a 8.1 and it spun the tires from a stand still on dry pavment.... gas was $1 when I bought it in sept of 02

We thought about getting somthing else, but the suburban fits our needs better than anything else (in our price range)

People with the 3:73 gears get better mpg but I dont know how well it tows.

I have a 1/2 ton 6.0 Sub with 33's and 4.11's and I average 10mpg.

I'd be on the lookout for a excursion with the 7.3 diesel. Good power and mileage. You'd pay a little more for it, but you can still get one for a decent price.

Put a 12 v Cummins in either :smirk: I wish Dodge made a 3/4 ton suburban type thing with the cummins in it.

2003 excursion, 7.3 l diesel, superchip in rv mode, slightly oversized tires, and get 24 mpg. Pulls a 8900 lb toy hauler great. Using synthetic oil. Best vehicle i ever owned. Great for families.

I also own a f550 v10 2006. It is a good heavy hauler, 18,000 lbs. But only gets 10 mpg.

my wife has a 5.4 in an expy. Her daily trip is all stop and go, never over 30 mph. She gets 10mph. I am going to put some higher flowing exhaust on it and see what that does, possibly some intake work and maybe a programer. Just to see what happeneds.

what are you pulling that you need a 3/4ton burb for, out of curiosity? my dads burb with a tow package 5.3 with autoride tows amazing and rides like a caddy. gets around 20 on the highway not towing. mpg when towing all depends on the weight and were always pullin differnt stuff so thats hard to gauge...

I would highly recomend a 7.3 powerstroke excursion my dad has a 2000 excursion with a7.3 lifted 6in with 38's. 15 mpg at a minium, while not towing, and when towing my toyhauler it gets about 13 mpg.

DO NOT get a 5.4 excursion it will be horible on gas because it labors too much just to move the truck itself around let alone a toyhauler. believe me i have a lincoln mark lt with the 5.4 and my dad has the excursion. the 5.4 s@#$# and the 7.3 powerstroke is amazing.

P.S. here's a pic and you can see my lincoln in the backround through the windows


you really need to consider a diesel if your getting a 3/4 ton. to me, when you need a big vehicle and need to tow, a gas motor just doesn't make sense. diesel has more power, better mpg, and lasts longer. only costs a little more up front.

Agreed. Someday, I'd like the 7.3 diesel excursion someday. Definitely worth the extra cash... Hard to beat the diesel for the purpose...

good luck. I searched for a 7.3 excursion with lower miles for years, there are out there, but cost an arm and a leg

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