New clutch for 2011

Has anyone tried to get the new clutch plates and actuator arm for there 2010? I had clutch fading issues all year with my 10, so I want to replace what they changed for 2011.

I have a Rekluse EXP on my 2010 and have had "0" issues (cross my fingers) with fading. I have 40 hours on motor...What sort of "fading" issues are you having ..? Are you having to adjust it excessively? What sort of oil are you using? How often do you change the oil..?

Yes I adjust lever cable slack, i am not hard on the clutch either. I have tried three different oils also, I change the oil ever 5 hours.

I was under the impression that the clutch push rod is what was different.BUT the 2010 and 2011 part numbers are the same.The bearing on the end of it is different though.Also the valve cover gasket for the 2011 is the same as the 2010.

The USA website listed that the arm was the change, but if the part numbers are the same :smirk:

What exactly is clutch fade?

I know that when I pull in the clutch quickly when I'm slowing right down sometimes the engine dies as the clutch still grabs slightly for a second or two after I pull in the lever all the way.

Would this be the issue that everyone is having?

Im not sure on the issue since I never had it.Im running a full Hinson clutch setup with no problems.

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