Help! Just rebuilt and fitted engine, not charging and no lights!

Hi all :smirk:

I have just re-fitted my 2004 WR450 engine after a rebuild (Chain snapped and wiped out the case) the engine started after 3 secs on the button :smirk: but, now the lights dont work and its not charging the battery.

I have checked, re-checked and checked everything again...............

The only thing that has changed is the left side case is now a 2003 item, as the chain snapping indecent smashed a hole in my 04.....

Can anyone suggest anything, please :p:worthy::cheers:

Mant thanks


Did you re-connect the fat ground wire?

Did you pinch a stator wire?

Check all plugs?

Check the fuse?

Hi, thanks for the reply :p

Yes, ground is connected, fuse is good and the stator and all other plugs are good............

Now, I just bolted on my spare 2003 stator/side cover and the bike wouldn't start................(I have a spare bottom end, so have all the 03+04 parts, but the 04 crank/flywheel etc is the one I am using)

Are the 03/04 stators compatible?

I am stumped.............

Thanks :smirk:

You need to test the stators by the manual. Continuity bettween segmantrs and contimuity to ground.

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