empty bolt holes

i Own a 06 450f, my question is there are 4 holes two on each side in the frame right behind the front wheel I believe these are there for some sort of full skidplate(one that covers everything) as I have a glid plate(only covers half). They are right on top of each other. Within a couple cm's. do i have to plug them up when I wash my bike? Is the frame hollow where does that water go? Or is it blocked somewhere right under the holes? Anyone Know what Im talking about?

My '06 has no such hole(s) in the frame at that point. '07+ WR frames have two raised bosses on the front of the frame for a full skid plate, but not like those you describe.

Almost all tubing or other hollow frame components have a vent hole at some low point to relieve pressure and vent moisture during and after the welding process.

Just checked on my bros 06 and he has no such holes maybe te previous owner put them there to mount something

I will get the actual photo's when I get home. I'm getting a little worried here.

The upper and lower ones are the inboard end of the motor mount holes. The other is a jigging hole to the best of my knowledge. All three are drilled through a solid casting and don't lead anywhere. You're worried about nothing.

Thank u.

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