valved checked, All good

Finally had the valves checked on my 07 wr 450. around 1600 miles on it. All the valves were good and within spec. Glad it was all good. when should i have them checked again?


Yamaha recommends checking them every 500km but I have been told by numerous owners/tuners/mechanics that this is un-necessary unless you are a serious, hard-riding racer.

I checked mine ('08 WR450F) at about 1000km, then 2000km and they had hardly changed at all and remained within specs anyway.

I'm going to look at mine at 4000km next.

I'm not a racer anymore, just a fast trail-rider these days.


Hey, I'm in the same boat, I need mine checking and it says to check them at 500km in the manual, you probably don't need too like you said, but paying 13 k for it, I'm going to do it, just wanna keep it tip top,

I am a new Wr 450 owner. I just bought a friend's 2003 WR, with 1330 miles on it. I checked the valves, and all 5 are at the very end of the tight side of spec, so I am putting in shims that are the next size down, over every valve. I do not expect to do this again for a while.

Valves tend to get tighter, not looser, as an engine wears.

08 wr450, I checked mine after break in then again at 1000 miles. No adjustments were made. I recently checked them at a little over 3000 miles and they still have not moved.

thats good to hear Kawi. I had always planned to get them checked sooner but the weekends are so busy that i just never got it down there. Ive heard they dont need adjustment very often and will check them the next time myself. Have the manual but was just being lazy

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