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I usually do my work at my friends shop and use his fancy tools, but he is on vacation and I want to check my valves and I dont believe I have the correct size hex for the ignition plugs on my 2009. Anyone know what size they are, so I can pick one up on the way home? It was big if I remember rght!

Check the end of your OEM spark plug tool.

Check the end of your OEM spark plug tool.

you are one clever cat :smirk: lol I didnt even notice I got one, a spoke wrench too. I guess I should have looked in this envelope I got sooner.

The weird little steel rod with the plastic tube on the end is for picking the jet needle up out of the slide.

I had to make do with some automotive feeler gauges from autozone no curved ones I used last time but they worked. The intake were all well within spec, of .1-.15mm. I believe the closest size I had was .127mm, with .159 being way too big and .9somethin being too small.

The exhaust were a bit tighter(.2-.25mm spec I believe) with .178 not touching at all and .203mm being a pretty tight fit on the right, but I was able to slide it in it in there with some resistance. Im pretty sure I wrote down the clearences last time, but I cant find them:/ However, I remember .20something fitting much easier on both exhaust sides.

The bike has 39 hours and I checked it at 21 hours last time. Do you think im safe runnning it another 15 hours before checking it again? I guess im a little nervous to adjust the valves since ive never done it before and stripping cam covers scares me so Im hoping they stay put!

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