CR Front Brake routing

Has anyone done this, and if so where did you get the stuff to do it? :)

Fastline makes a kit, I believe.

Also there is a shop in CT that sells their own. You have to look in the very back of the mags in the ad section to find the ad.

Seemingly the big deal w/ the kit is the little clamp that mounts to the fork guard. It keeps the brake line from getting snagged by the tire, since the brake line wraps around the inside of the fork guard adjacent to the tire.

Now, the issue w/ the CR brake line and the WR is the headlight. If I recall, the brake line goes diagonally, directly in front of the front number plate, where your (our) headlights are. This is the issue. I do not know if the WR, w/ the headlight on, can use the CR brake route.

Maybe one of our ThumperTalk Bro's can help out...???


they have setups for both YZ and WR lengths and aluminum bracket to fork guard.

Thanks, thats what I was after. :)

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