Got an 04 450 in a trade, any advice?

Hey guys, great forum! Lots of good info.

I just got an 04 YZ450f in a streetbike trade and I know nothing about them.

I didn't take a picture before it went into the moving truck but I know it has a different frame with the oil tank built in and different bars, pipes, etc.

It runs really good and scared the crap out of me a bit but I could see having a lot of fun trail riding with it next summer.

Can you think of anything I should address this winter, I know it needs a bushing at the bottom of the shock. I won't be jumping the shit out of it or anything I just want it to be reliable.


So no common issues on these bikes? Great! That's why I always buy Yamaha.:smirk:

i have an 04 450 and ride it about twice a week and it is reliable as a rock. keep it clean and serviced and have fun.

Regular oil changes, filters changed every 3rd or so with air filter maint often too and it should last a long time. Some of the guys on here have up to 200 hours on their bikes.

Also if you don't have a manual,get on .That will tell you everything you need to know, plus a little more.

Thanks guys, I will get a manual. I don't do much without one (live and learn).

The more I look into this bike the more I like it, gotta love a good trade!

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