clutch question(inner hub)

Just bought a Hinson basket for my 00 426. I know the install procedure and my question actually concerns the inner hub. The Hinson inner hub is claimed to be a better piece mainly because of better oiling to the plates. Is there anyone here that has done or knows wether the stock inner bub can be drilled to do the same as the Hinson piece?

Is there a certain placement or precision to drilling the holes. I'd like to be able to do this while I have it out for the basket change vice buying a new inner hub. I know there are many of you that just run the Hinson basket only with improvement in clutch action. Just curious about the inner hub. Thanks in advance.

Dirtdad: That has gone through my mind as well. If you could get your hands on a good detailed photo of the Hinson, maybe you could take the stock hub to a reputable machine shop and see if they could duplicate these holes. I would think that proper placement of these holes are needed for balancing/vibration considerations.

boit, There is actually a side by side comparison photo in the Sept 2000 issue of MXA (pg. 98) although not totally discernable. Placement of the holes looks pretty straight forward. They appear to be two holes spaced every other groove and staggered a little as far as placement goes (every other row seems to line up). Only a few grooves are visible though and I'd hate to guess. If I knew the proper spacing, I could do this myself as I have everything I need (drill press, etc..). Anybody else out there with any info? BK!!???

Thanks for the response Boit.

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Dirtdad: If you know the number of holes, you can easily do the math. 360 degrees in a circle divided by the number of holes will give the spacing. Correct?.. :)

If I remember correctly, when I had my clutch apart, I seem to remember that the oiling holes were drilled in the middle of the splines...and even drilled thru the edges of the splines. That was a few months ago so my memory is a little hazy. Don't quote me on this.

What WAS noticeable during my upgrade was how dry the clutch plates were upon initial disassembly. Obviously, the '00 YZ 426 isn't getting enough clutch oiling stock.

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Boit, yes, it's simple to figure out how many per groove etc... but you mentioned possible requiring correct balancing of the inner hub. I guess that too would be simple to measure placement of the holes in relation to balancing. I guess the only question remaining is placement in the hub to optimize oiling of the plates. thoughts?

I would think you would want to position the holes so they are between the plates. You should be able to measure the plate stack to determine hole position.

Thanks ScottF, Logical thought and was the notion I had. Just wondering if anyone knew specifically. Apparently know one has done this or has info on the Hinson inner hub. If there is, no one is offering! Thanks again!

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