BRP 1st Vet A -7thOverall at Wisp GNCC

Scott Summers decided to do a little riding this weekend and took 7th overall at the Wisp GNCC. This round is in McHenry MD and is the roughest one of the series. Who says this is only a desert bike. Summers is still THE MAN. :)

wow, very cool. but it begs the question... why doesn't summers ride a offroad-modified crf 450?

honda's offroad program seems to be losening up on forcing the 650 on every rider at every event.

campbell and co. have been running the 450 at some of the bitd races. hengeveld has been showing up at district 37 races on a 450 almost every other weekend...

you would think summers and the honda offroad program would see this as a good opportunity to at least get a crf 450 near the podium (just outside the top 5) in a gncc.

His riding style doesn't exactly mesh with the 450. He favors the tractor like torque of a long stroke like the 600/650. The weight also actually helps him to a degree in real rocky conditions.

If he actually made a comeback I think you would definitely see some podium finishes for the BRP. I think Honda wants to keep him in a PR position for the time being and hasn't exactly blessed his return to racing. :)

I have ridden both of these bikes and for racing I would much rather be on the 650. The 650 is so much smoother and it sticks to the trail better. All that abrupt power and light weight of the 450 isn't worth much when you are all over the trail on it.

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